Coming to an end.

Considering my last post was in October, this morning I woke up and finally wanted to let the fingers type and do the talking. Since October my life has changed and I have grown so much. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and I also always knew that I have both of my parents running through my blood. What this means for me is that I have this incredible drive to push myself to limits that haven't been set. My beautiful mother gave me passion for education. She constantly sets the example of the most excellent educator and one day I hope to be as successful as she is and was in the classroom. My mother gave me the realistic expectations that come with teaching, such as not always getting my way or having things work out in the way I would like them to. Bless her soul for being my constant supporter. My father gave me the drive to work hard and to never give up. He works construction and there hasn't been one thing that he hasn't finished once he set his mind to it. He also blessed me with a vision to see beyond boundaries that are of the norm. This school year is almost over and one thing I have heard more than I'd like this year is, "we just don't want to burn you out." To a person who is equally a mix of my mother and father this comes as a bit of a slap in the face. Let me push myself! Let me be involved! Let me make changes. As hard as it is for me to admit, being an almost 4th year teacher I may have pushed myself to hard. This year I took on some awesome responsibilities that allowed me to stretch as a human as well as an educator. There is no need for me to post all those responsibilities here because even thinking about all of them at this point makes me feel tired. Reflecting back I wouldn't change anything about this school year, except for the lack of self I seem to have lost slightly being consumed by my career. My bedroom has never been organized. My social/dating life has been almost nonexistent. I've gained my fair share of weight. I've let go of a lot. One thing I will never compromise (especially at this point in my life) is giving my all to my students. I will still go to bed early in order to be fully "there" during school hours. I will still spend money on Teachers Pay Teachers for activities to help them be curious. I will still spend hours in the summer preparing myself for what's to come. I love my job. This year even though much as been lost, SO much has been gained. I've learned how to deal with parents in all aspects. I've learned what it's like to not have people like me. I've learned that kids teach me more than I'll ever teach them. I've learned that dancing always lifts my spirits. I've learned about musicals. I've learned how to direct a play. I've learned how to teach two grade levels at once. I've learned to ask for forgiveness. I've learned to say sorry. I've learned how to be me. Life is hard. It will always be hard. I've cried more this school year than ever before, but I've also never laughed as much. Loving your career as much as I love mine doesn't come as easily to others, I'm sure. I will forever be blessed to love this time in my life.

Can't wait to share all of my new adventures for Classroom 120 in 2017-2018!!


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