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Today I am tired.

Today I am tired. I'm tired most days but today I'm especially exhausted. Some days teaching takes everything out of me. Some days teaching pushes all my buttons. Some days I get home and feel like nothing I do will make a difference. The hard kids will still be hard tomorrow. The unloved kids will come to school tomorrow needing love. The behaved will still be golden. The math lesson will happen. The energy will be used. The feet will hurt. The day will start. The day will end. That bell always comes.

Without even meaning to, my mind thinks of that one student. The one student today who had a break through. The one student who found a friend. The one student who was praised. The one student who was complimented. The one student who did well on multiplication. The one student who served another without being asked. The one student who had 6 hours away from a hard home life. The one student who walked in and felt loved. The one student who learned something new. The one student…