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As a twenty-two year old I thought that there was an order my life would follow. It would go something like this:

More School
Higher School
More Babies
Get Old

As an LDS woman being married and having babies is something I have always wanted. I figured marriage and babies would come easily for me. I moved to Utah, then I graduated college, then I got a great job, and now I'm just here. No marriage, no babies, just me. This is my life. Am I happy? I would say yes. Is it easy? I would say no. There is a certain level of humble one has to be in order to fully trust in God's plan for life. It requires constant prayer and fasting. It requires a faith stronger than I would have ever thought. Timing. Life is all about timing. Not my timing, but the Lord's timing for me. I am grateful for the power of prayer and the comfort it brings to my life. With daily communication with my Heavenly Father I am reassured that he knows best and tha…