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105 Days.

It's been 105 days since my last blog post. It was August. The weather was still warm. It's not that I haven't had anything to say, the problem is I've had too much to say. Since I was 16 blogging has been a place of comfort for me. For the last 105 days I've been running away from it. This past year I did a few posts about "coming to terms" with certain things in my life. Though I thought I was coming to terms and becoming a better me I think I got lost and forgot who I actually am. I am a firm believer that there are moments in our lives that define us for good or for bad. Too quickly we forget why we do the things we do. We forget why we love our job. We forget why we like going to church. We forget why we post pictures on instagram. We forget why we make our beds. We forget why we call home. We forget why we spend time on ourselves. We forget why we serve. We forget why we want to be good. We forget why we pray. We forget why we read our scriptures. W…