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Single Lady

I woke up this morning incredibly happy. It's Friday which means I get to wear jeans to work. Naturally, I wore a school shirt and some comfy sparkly Vans to match my happiness level. I got to work at 7 and at 7:25 I got the most beautiful text from my coworker saying that she was bringing me a Diet Coke to celebrate the fact that it was Friday. When she brought it to me I cried. I cried tears of happiness (seriously though, I cried). I was so grateful for that Diet Coke. Could this day be any better? I should always know that when good things happen that something tricky is bound to follow. There are three members of the third grade team: me, "A", and "G". "A" has the most darling little family. "G" is married as well and has a great husband (from what I can tell). Normally, the three of us eat lunch together. Usually, when it's Friday "A's" husband brings her three kids to see her during lunch. It's the sweetest thin…

There's No Place Like Miss Forsyth's Class

This year I wanted a new theme. I didn't know at the time how much work it would actually take, but I'm happy with the results. After my first year I knew I needed change in the classroom- especially since the majority of the kids are the same and I'm in the same classroom. I went with the Wizard of Oz theme simply because I liked the idea of my kids focusing on Kindness, Courage, and Knowledge. I am the master Dorothy as their teacher. It's easy to forget when you're putting a classroom together why you're even doing it. It was a nice reminder to me today to realize that the kids will come tomorrow and that all the work will be worth it. Here are a few pictures:

Late night testimony of Jesus Christ.

I feel overwhelmingly blessed to be alive today. For the past year I have taught Sunday School in my ward at church. This has been incredibly hard for me. As I have gone through the Old Testament as well as the New Testament my faith has been strengthened and my testimony has grown. I am no perfect person. I am imperfectly perfect in my Heavenly Father's eyes. I know without any questions that my Heavenly Father is aware of my existence.  He is fully aware of all my pains, sorrows, anxieties, fears, and doubts. He sent me to this earth at this time for a very specific reason. He placed me with my family and He knows long before I do what is coming and how I can overcome it. I know that Heavenly Father sent His son, Jesus Christ, to this earth. I know that Jesus Christ was the only perfect person to ever walk the earth. I know that Jesus Christ set the ultimate example of teaching, love, charity, and hope. I know that Jesus Christ died for me. He walked His path alone so I do not …