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These are a few of my favorite things.

Summer is here. After spending two weeks in Florida I thought I knew what hot was. Then I came back to Utah where it has been 100 degrees or more almost every day since I got back. I now know the meaning of hot. Since it's miserable outside I've had to get pretty creative about what I eat, drink, do, and wear. I thought I could make a list to share with all so they can potentially enjoy them, too.

Saltwater Sandals
I bought a white pair about two weeks before school got out and I honestly hardly have worn any other shoe since. They are so comfy and the best part is that they can get wet. I've worn them fishing and at the beach and they have held up nicely. The straps are leather so I'm able to clean them off fairly easily. I'm obsessed with these shoes and will be purchasing a black pair very soon.

Columbia Bermuda Shorts

Cal bought me two pairs of these shorts when he came out for graduation and I love them. They are the perfect length and I really like them.