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March has never had any particular love in my heart. It's still winter, it's not quite spring yet. I don't have a birthday in March. As far as my life has gone March has never been far as I've been aware. March 12 has been a pretty eventful day according to my timehop app. The whole timehop app is something I have purely to see all the hilarious FB posts I posted when I was 16 and to see old pictures from High School. Today I haven't been feeling the best. I came home and plopped myself on the couch and decided I needed a break. I opened the app and finally found a reason to love March. Three years ago I was in Utah visiting with my mom for my cousin Rachel's wedding. On March 12 my mom and I went to the admissions office at BYU to see how my credits would transfer and all that jazz. Little did I know that the following August I would move to Utah, and the following October I would be accepted into BYU to pursue my bachelors degree in elementa…