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I'll Find A Way

It's been hard to find the right words to say lately about my life. I am happy. I have my doubts. I have my fears. I am finally letting go of the things that have been bogging me down. These next few months are going to be crazy and they will raise my anxiety level, I'm sure. In these next few months I'll be finding out if there's a chance I can stay at my school. These next few months I'll have to find somewhere to live, someone to live with. These next few months I'll have to apply for jobs. In a few months I walk across the stage and graduate from BYU with a degree in Elementary Education. I can't believe my time at BYU is almost over! It's been the most incredible journey. I'm scared because my future is very much a haze right now. I can't tell you where I'll end up and that's terrifying. I read this quote today that said, "when you get comfortable you stop growing." I'm really going to take this to heart as these next…