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Comfortable In My Own Skin

I can remember the day I didn't fit into "kid" jeans anymore. I can remember crying to my mom thinking I was fat and ugly just because my "kid" jeans didn't fit anymore. I can remember the day I dyed my hair dark brown. I remember the trauma that comes with the shock of going from blonde to very very brown. I can remember my senior prom. I remember getting all dressed and having everyone swoon over my beautiful hair and dress. I remember one time where all of my roommates helped me get ready for a date that I was so excited about. One did my hair, one did my makeup, and one helped me find the perfect outfit. It's taken 21 years and a lot of bad hair days to reach the point I am in today. I can remember all those "significant" moments in my life. Today I took time to think about the times I can remember being completely happy with who I was on the inside and not just when I was happy (or sad) with my looks on the outside. The other day I ran a…