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105 Days.

It's been 105 days since my last blog post. It was August. The weather was still warm. It's not that I haven't had anything to say, the problem is I've had too much to say. Since I was 16 blogging has been a place of comfort for me. For the last 105 days I've been running away from it. This past year I did a few posts about "coming to terms" with certain things in my life. Though I thought I was coming to terms and becoming a better me I think I got lost and forgot who I actually am. I am a firm believer that there are moments in our lives that define us for good or for bad. Too quickly we forget why we do the things we do. We forget why we love our job. We forget why we like going to church. We forget why we post pictures on instagram. We forget why we make our beds. We forget why we call home. We forget why we spend time on ourselves. We forget why we serve. We forget why we want to be good. We forget why we pray. We forget why we read our scriptures. W…

Single Lady

I woke up this morning incredibly happy. It's Friday which means I get to wear jeans to work. Naturally, I wore a school shirt and some comfy sparkly Vans to match my happiness level. I got to work at 7 and at 7:25 I got the most beautiful text from my coworker saying that she was bringing me a Diet Coke to celebrate the fact that it was Friday. When she brought it to me I cried. I cried tears of happiness (seriously though, I cried). I was so grateful for that Diet Coke. Could this day be any better? I should always know that when good things happen that something tricky is bound to follow. There are three members of the third grade team: me, "A", and "G". "A" has the most darling little family. "G" is married as well and has a great husband (from what I can tell). Normally, the three of us eat lunch together. Usually, when it's Friday "A's" husband brings her three kids to see her during lunch. It's the sweetest thin…

There's No Place Like Miss Forsyth's Class

This year I wanted a new theme. I didn't know at the time how much work it would actually take, but I'm happy with the results. After my first year I knew I needed change in the classroom- especially since the majority of the kids are the same and I'm in the same classroom. I went with the Wizard of Oz theme simply because I liked the idea of my kids focusing on Kindness, Courage, and Knowledge. I am the master Dorothy as their teacher. It's easy to forget when you're putting a classroom together why you're even doing it. It was a nice reminder to me today to realize that the kids will come tomorrow and that all the work will be worth it. Here are a few pictures:

Late night testimony of Jesus Christ.

I feel overwhelmingly blessed to be alive today. For the past year I have taught Sunday School in my ward at church. This has been incredibly hard for me. As I have gone through the Old Testament as well as the New Testament my faith has been strengthened and my testimony has grown. I am no perfect person. I am imperfectly perfect in my Heavenly Father's eyes. I know without any questions that my Heavenly Father is aware of my existence.  He is fully aware of all my pains, sorrows, anxieties, fears, and doubts. He sent me to this earth at this time for a very specific reason. He placed me with my family and He knows long before I do what is coming and how I can overcome it. I know that Heavenly Father sent His son, Jesus Christ, to this earth. I know that Jesus Christ was the only perfect person to ever walk the earth. I know that Jesus Christ set the ultimate example of teaching, love, charity, and hope. I know that Jesus Christ died for me. He walked His path alone so I do not …

What I want my future kids to know when they are in their early 20's.

If you've been reading my blog since the beginning you'll already know that I blog for my future posterity. If you haven't been reading since the beginning you now know that is why I blog. I've been doing a lot of soul-searching lately and I decided there are some things I really want my kids to know about my life during the early 20's.

People say High School is the hardest time of your life. Those people are idiots because the hardest years of my life have been the early 20's. Here are the few things I know for certain and things I really take to heart about this time in my life.

1. Finish college. Knowing I now have a diploma and a bachelors degree brings comfort and security. I can't control many things in my life but getting my degree and being done is something I can and did control. Knowing I accomplished something hard and admirable has been incredible. FINISH COLLEGE.

2. It's okay to not be married yet. Sometimes I feel a little left behind and …

These are a few of my favorite things.

Summer is here. After spending two weeks in Florida I thought I knew what hot was. Then I came back to Utah where it has been 100 degrees or more almost every day since I got back. I now know the meaning of hot. Since it's miserable outside I've had to get pretty creative about what I eat, drink, do, and wear. I thought I could make a list to share with all so they can potentially enjoy them, too.

Saltwater Sandals
I bought a white pair about two weeks before school got out and I honestly hardly have worn any other shoe since. They are so comfy and the best part is that they can get wet. I've worn them fishing and at the beach and they have held up nicely. The straps are leather so I'm able to clean them off fairly easily. I'm obsessed with these shoes and will be purchasing a black pair very soon.

Columbia Bermuda Shorts

Cal bought me two pairs of these shorts when he came out for graduation and I love them. They are the perfect length and I really like them.



Lately I've lot a lot about scars. Physical scars, emotional scars, spiritual scars, all types of scars. Scars are something that hasn't been healed completely. There have been times in my life where I've fallen down or been hurt and have had physical scars form. I've seen countless others gain their own physical scars through chronic illness, cancer, reckless behavior, and even through accidents. Those scars are the scars people see. If you look at a person close enough you can see where different occasions have left their mark. These are usually the scars people ask us about. People are curious and want to know what happened for our body to have such a scar. When an 8-year-old walks into the classroom wearing a bandaid everyone in the class must know how the injury occurred. Leave it to a child to ask a million questions. Asking others about these scars can be hurtful and detrimental if the scar has come from something more serious. Every time someone asks, it's …


People say graduating from high school is a big deal. I remember feeling lost and confused and not knowing where to turn next. Then I graduated from college. Not just any college, Brigham Young University. At BYU I accomplished so much. I discovered my love for teaching and through much spiritual guidance I applied for and received an internship to teach second grade. Now being hired on to teach 3rd grade at my same school, I feel incredibly lucky. My parents and older brother, Cal, were able to fly in from Florida. I was able to take a few days off from teaching to spend time with them. I will never be able to replace the feelings of gratitude I had while my family was in town. I felt like the luckiest person alive and I was so happy. I was relaxed, calm, and at peace with where my life was at. I was able to do a lot of fun things with my family in town. We went to the tulip festival, four-wheeling, and ate a ton of really good food. I've lived in Utah for almost 3 years and thi…

Coming to terms with not being a superhero.

I had a meltdown today. Yesterday I found myself in this awful funk. I found myself in this same funk today. Then, I had a meltdown. I don't think I've blogged about this yet, but I found out in February/March that I still needed 3 credits to graduate. THREE CREDITS. Originally, I thought my credits from Florida transferred nicely. Then, I decided to double check with the transfer office and SURPRISE! I found out that I needed the second half of the American Heritage requirement. I am currently taking Political Science 110(aka American Government) through BYU Independent Study. It is time consuming. It is hard. It is NOT what I want to do after teaching all day. Now back to the funk. Yesterday I didn't want to do anything. My thoughts went like this:
I don't want to be here. I don't want to go grocery shopping. I don't want to make dinner. I don't want to read this book. I don't want to study for my midterm. I don't want to wash my hair. I don't…

22 things about me at 22.

I've done this list for the past couple of years. It's a nice reflection of my life and what's going on. It's a little past my birthday now but better late than never.

1. I am currently watching the TV show Chuck and loving it.
2. I teach 2nd grade.
3. I hate winter/snow.
4. Diet Coke is still my downfall, but when I go to SWIG lately I've been getting a Dirty Dr. Pepper.
5. I've become a shampoo/conditioner snob. Only the best for my hair.
6. I've been trying to make biscuits successfully and keep somehow I failing.
7. I teach Sunday School.
8. I get on Pinterest to kill time or to relieve stress.
9. I got a gym membership.
10. I attend Zumba twice a week and I'm loving it.
11. The downfall of working with kids is I get sick..a LOT.
12. I walk across the stage at BYU in less than two weeks, but I don't technically graduate until June.
13. I'm taking Poli Sci 110 Independent Study class so I can still graduate on schedule. Thanks BYU for not cat…


March has never had any particular love in my heart. It's still winter, it's not quite spring yet. I don't have a birthday in March. As far as my life has gone March has never been far as I've been aware. March 12 has been a pretty eventful day according to my timehop app. The whole timehop app is something I have purely to see all the hilarious FB posts I posted when I was 16 and to see old pictures from High School. Today I haven't been feeling the best. I came home and plopped myself on the couch and decided I needed a break. I opened the app and finally found a reason to love March. Three years ago I was in Utah visiting with my mom for my cousin Rachel's wedding. On March 12 my mom and I went to the admissions office at BYU to see how my credits would transfer and all that jazz. Little did I know that the following August I would move to Utah, and the following October I would be accepted into BYU to pursue my bachelors degree in elementa…

I'll Find A Way

It's been hard to find the right words to say lately about my life. I am happy. I have my doubts. I have my fears. I am finally letting go of the things that have been bogging me down. These next few months are going to be crazy and they will raise my anxiety level, I'm sure. In these next few months I'll be finding out if there's a chance I can stay at my school. These next few months I'll have to find somewhere to live, someone to live with. These next few months I'll have to apply for jobs. In a few months I walk across the stage and graduate from BYU with a degree in Elementary Education. I can't believe my time at BYU is almost over! It's been the most incredible journey. I'm scared because my future is very much a haze right now. I can't tell you where I'll end up and that's terrifying. I read this quote today that said, "when you get comfortable you stop growing." I'm really going to take this to heart as these next…

Comfortable In My Own Skin

I can remember the day I didn't fit into "kid" jeans anymore. I can remember crying to my mom thinking I was fat and ugly just because my "kid" jeans didn't fit anymore. I can remember the day I dyed my hair dark brown. I remember the trauma that comes with the shock of going from blonde to very very brown. I can remember my senior prom. I remember getting all dressed and having everyone swoon over my beautiful hair and dress. I remember one time where all of my roommates helped me get ready for a date that I was so excited about. One did my hair, one did my makeup, and one helped me find the perfect outfit. It's taken 21 years and a lot of bad hair days to reach the point I am in today. I can remember all those "significant" moments in my life. Today I took time to think about the times I can remember being completely happy with who I was on the inside and not just when I was happy (or sad) with my looks on the outside. The other day I ran a…