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Words that have a different meaning when you become a teacher.

Well, I know i'm still a baby when it comes to my teaching career, but there are words and phrases that have a completely different meaning to me now and for the fun of it I thought I would share a few.

Poker Face: Thank you, young lad, for passing gas during my very quiet whole class lesson. All the kids burst out into laughter and here I stand with a straight face remaining composed and calm. Such skill.

Prep Time: The time required to get everything ready for a meal? Nope. The 30 minutes you get each day as a teacher to "prep" lessons. This time in reality is spent using the restroom, stuffing face with M&M's, getting homework ready, and watching the clock because 30 minutes is NEVER long enough to get any "prepping" done.

Butt: Yes, the thing otherwise known as your "pockets" in elementary school. I once made the terrible mistake of saying to my kiddos, "Sit your butt on the ground please." Turns out butt is still not acceptable …

Coming to Terms with getting a Substitute Teacher

I post this while I am bed-ridden at home. I post this because maybe someone needed to hear it or maybe I just needed to type it out so I felt better about being at home in my jammies instead of at school with my kiddos. I started feeling sick last Friday. I knew a cold was coming on and honestly I expected it. Have you seen how much snot kids have? Have you seen how they can pick their nose and not even think about it? Well, since I'm around them for the majority of my day I knew getting sick was bound to happen. I felt fine over the weekend and then Monday morning it hit me like a million bricks. It's as if my immune system knew that it was a Monday and it wanted to bring me down in other ways than just with the "Case of the Monday's" (it's a real thing, folks). I ended up taking a half day which was fine because Monday's are short days for the kids anyways. I went home and slept, woke up, and slept more. Tuesday I braved the storm at school and was ext…