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Coming to terms with the first week of school.

I survived. I wish I could say the first week of school went like I thought it would. I thought my kids would be easy and that the first week would be some sort of a "honeymoon" period. This week I have been tested to my breaking point. I have wanted to cry more times than I can count. I have come home at the end of the day and wondered what I had gotten myself into. I have had kids throw up. I have had kids cry. I have had kids stay in from recess every singe day. I have seen it all and I have survived the first week. Through all the chaos, through all the hard things I have had to face, through all the hours spent in my classroom, through all the times I've thought I'm not good enough for these kids, I have had a lot of things go right. I have learned more about teaching in the past week than in my entire life. I have learned that even though your kids may be wild and you feel like your class is out of control the moment they walk through that door every morning y…

Classroom Reveal!

Teachers always seem to do these cute blog posts about their classroom after they have it all decorated, so here I am. Honestly, I just want to remember what my first ever classroom looked like 20 years down the road. If you're not up for it- don't look any farther!

Table Numbers under the lanterns

First shot of the classroom

My Hi-Five Board was something that came to me in my sleep. This is where my kids put the poster of our classroom rules we came up with together. Then, to have them have some accountability for the rules they each stamped their handprint and they are now hung on this board. I LOVE IT!!

Calendar and this is where I recently put our class job rotations. 

My aunts out did themselves on my rug. I am so lucky to have it! It really adds a lot to the classroom. 

Student Cubbies

Sink Area

Book Nook. I made the pillows myself with help from my aunt. I think total all four pillows cost around $25. My kids love them. It's been really fun to see them use this are…

The Best Two Years

For all my Mormon readers please don't think i've decided to serve a mission. For everyone else, welcome to my life. When I planned on doing my two year post I had emailed myself pictures of the 21 most important things to happen to my life since I moved to Utah. If you haven't figured it out yet, I have lived here two years as of Sunday. Considering time and how crazy my life is currently you'll have to trust me when I say that the past two years of my life have been some of the most important years I've had thus far on Earth. In two years my life has changed and so have I. When my car pulled out of the driveway in Florida I couldn't even comprehend how my life would be two years later, or even 6 days later. The biggest part of my life right now is preparing for the school year to start. School starts on the 19th and I have had heartburn for at least 6 hours now because of the stress. I spent all day in a training learning new things, then I spent three hours …