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How I Feel Lately

I have been pondering a lot of things about my life lately and I especially have been pondering about my relationship with my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I often think of my life as this huge gift. Sometimes the gift is exactly what you wanted, and sometimes the gift is nothing you wanted at all. I have learned over the last 4 or so months what an impact turning my life over to the Lord has done. I have always been a faithful Christian and I have never doubted the existence or the blessings that come from God. I count my lucky starts that through trials and difficult times I have been able to overcome many things by using my faith in the Savior. More than that though lately I have been thinking about trials that I get to witness that happen to others. Trials come in many forms such a breaking a bone, struggling with homework, never having enough money, or even a trial where a person is dealing with a sickness that cannot be cured. I pray daily for those trials and those burdens …