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Life Lately According to my iPhone

Lately life has been crazy. To give you a brief insight to my life here was my schedule today:
8-12 Class at BYU
12-3 Planning with my team at Westmore (aka my school)
3-5 Class at BYU
5-6:30 Work
6:43-8:40 FHE

What a day. Holy moly. Anyways, since life has been so crazy here I just decided to give you the blog update by showing you pictures. Here ya go!

Class can get a little crazy. 
Cinderella at the Scera Theater

After Lydia's 1/2 marathon
Steele turned 1!
Baby Kiley's Blessing Day
Texas toast pizza!
New museum at Thanksgiving Point
Climbing the rock wall

I love their facial expressions. 
Sunday dinners are always eventful with the Mowers! 
Until next time, see ya then!

Ode to Maybell

When you turn 16 every teenager dreams of their first car. When I found out that I was getting my grandmas 1999 Camry I'm sure I was less than excited. Nothing like getting a grandma car (literally) when you turn 16, right? All my friends got nice new cars and here I was kickin' it in the 1999. Well, I named that car Maybell, got over my selfish attitude, and decided to be grateful that I was given a car at all. 
Flash forward my life to today, now 21 years old, and trying to find a picture when I got my first car. The thing with looking back through YEARS of Facebook photos is you realize how much has changed. I was at least 25 pounds lighter then and had brown hair for cryin' out loud! Last week I found out that after so many great years Maybell was dying. She needed over a thousand dollars in repairs and I decided it was time to start looking for a new car. Looking for a new car is all fun and games until you realize how much money you have to spend as well as finding n…

My little ladies.

My Aunt Heidi and my Uncle Jeramy have 4 beautiful daughters. In the past two years I have gotten to know these little ladies extremely well and it has been nothing but a blessing in my life. I have babysat them, played with them, swam with them, laughed with them, been taught by them, rode roller coasters with them and loved them unconditionally. When we have family dinners sometimes it's hard for me being one of the only young adults not married. Whenever I feel discouraged because of that fact I always know that my little ladies will be there sitting on my lap or begging to show me something. I'll never know the love of a Forsyth Sister, but I have known and still know the love of the Wakley girls. They help make Utah my home. They will make me a better teacher. They will do great things with their lives. It won't always be this way with me and my little ladies. I'll grow up more and so will they, but I will cherish their love and love them forever.