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Meeting Kevin Henkes

The other day I experienced the most nerdy teacher feeling ever. I saw a post on FaceBook that Kevin Henkes was going to be at the Provo Library and I knew I had to go. I don't have children, that phase of my life isn't even close, but I knew I would have 19 little kiddos staring back at me on August 19 and I wanted to do something for them. I want my classroom to be a loving place where they want to be. I know that this won't come just from having a book signed by the author, but it was a good way to start. Here are some pictures from this happy day!

No Day Like Today

Yesterday I taught the worst lesson that I've ever given as a teacher so far. The kids weren't with me, the didn't want to listen, and the couldn't seem to understand the concept I was teaching. There are many excuses I could make of why the lesson went the way it did. It could have been that it was Friday, or my lesson wasn't as engaging as it could have been, or even that the kids decided they just didn't care about math yesterday. I got in my car after I left the school and I wanted to cry. I think we all need to be humbled in our own ways sometimes. I have a love for teaching that is engrained in my soul. It's probably genetics, there are many educators on both sides of my family. I have a love for teaching and then in that one lesson I questioned that love. I knew that it was just one lesson, but I was still so upset. I feel like that's the way a lot of people feel about Heavenly beings. When the love of our Savior is apparent it is easy to do wha…

All About Mom

Every year around the time of Mother's Day for some reason I tend to get super emotional (it's really easy to figure out why). When it comes to the love I have for my own mother I have no words to express, though each year I still try. I can't remember if I have blogged about this particular experience before, but I felt like I should share it again anyways if I have. A year ago I was talking to my mom on the phone and she had to put my dad on the phone. To make a long story short my dad told me that my moms skin cancer had gotten more serious and that she was going to have to have surgery to remove a tumor in her arm. I can remember the sinking feeling in the bottom of my heart. Myself, being over 2000 miles away from my sweet mother had to deal with this news. With a lot of love and support from my Utah family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents) I made it through. It was a difficult time in my life. I am so happy to say that this past week my sweet …


The other day I was making freezer jam and I realized that one day when I'm married I won't be one of those wives who cook a great meal or do something extremely domestic and feel the need to post about it all over social media. Why, you might ask? BECAUSE I ALREADY DO! I'm not married, heck, I'm not even dating someone, and I love to cook. While making my freezer jam, in my cute Anthropologie apron and music blaring I was happier than I had been that whole day. There's something about my southern roots that make me proud of simple accomplishments. On a different note, I'm back in classes again! I feel like I never even got a break (which is true). On Monday's I go to BYU from 8am-4:50pm with no breaks. I have never been so mentally exhausted! On Tuesday-Friday I'm at Westmore Elementary School with my sweet second graders. I've asked for the busy life and the busy life has come. I'm grateful for the group of people that surround my life whethe…