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11 Pictures that Prove I Was Cooler in High School

I had kinda a crappy day. I haven't felt super great and I just want to sleep. Anyways, flashback to High School. I'm convinced that when "Jesus went to bed at 11," I had a curfew, I never had to worry about money or where I was going to live, and I lived for SGA that I was immensely cooler than I am now. I LOVED High School. Most people don't admit to that, but I will forever and always. Looking back now, I had it made in High School.  The only worries I had back then were what I was going to wear to school the next day and when that cute boy would talk to me. If you don't believe me, here are 11 pictures that prove that I was cooler then than I am now. 

"I'm on a Boat" before it was a nasty rap song. 

Hand signs were still cool, so was my slidy phone. 

I liked to use filters to the extreme before Instagram. 

The first of many dancing pictures to come. Notice the facials. 

Picnics by the lake. Also, I pulled off the dark hair. 

Not only was it was acceptable to dress like this during homecoming, it was necessary. 

Dance Parties in my living room. 

Come on. I used to take cool pictures of me jumping. 

Dancing. Again. 

This is my favorite picture of me dancing. Ever. 

There was a time when I felt invincible. 

I still dance all the time and I still am me, but life as a college student isn't always as fun as people say it is. Life was easier when you live at home and get in trouble for staying out too late. I wouldn't take back my high school days for anything. As much as I loved high school, college is still pretty fun, too.  (:


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