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When life hands you lemons.

Today the sun came out for about an hour. It was a nice surprise. How can anyone be upset/angry/mad (not that I was) when the sun is shining. Oh how I missed the sun. It didn't stick around but I'm determined for it to be spring. Since I clearly cannot control the weather, I can control the treats I make. I saw THIS recipe on Pinterest and it screamed happiness and brighter, sunnier, days. Blueberry Lemon Layer Cake. Heavenly. I went to the grocery store and made my decision to make this cake because the recipe was something I felt like I could handle. Got home, and started on my baking adventure. This cake takes a while to prepare, just a warning. I never knew how long it takes to zest 3 lemons. It was quite the workout but worth it in the end. Here is a picture from the blog where I got the recipe:

They make that cake look so tempting. Here are pictures of my cake:

Mine didn't turn out nearly as yellow and I also only did two layers due to only having two pans (college s…

Coming to Terms with Being Alone.

I'm only 20. I'll be 21 in two months but that doesn't matter right now. When my mom was my age she was married and was pregnant with my older brother. I think about that a lot sometimes. When I was in High School I dated. I could say I even have been in a certain kind of love before. It maybe wasn't the love i'd always imagined but I think it was love. When I moved to Utah people back home joked saying I'd be married in a matter of months. Hate to be a disappointment, but I have lived in Utah for around 17 months and I still am very much single and I haven't even been on many dates. At first this was frustrating and hard, honestly it still is sometimes, but I've grown to know myself better than I ever have simply because I've been alone. I believe that my Heavenly Father has been using this time in my life to help me come to terms with me, before that wonderful special someone comes into my life. When I was 16 (holy cow that seems like forever ago)…

11 Pictures that Prove I Was Cooler in High School

I had kinda a crappy day. I haven't felt super great and I just want to sleep. Anyways, flashback to High School. I'm convinced that when "Jesus went to bed at 11," I had a curfew, I never had to worry about money or where I was going to live, and I lived for SGA that I was immensely cooler than I am now. I LOVED High School. Most people don't admit to that, but I will forever and always. Looking back now, I had it made in High School.  The only worries I had back then were what I was going to wear to school the next day and when that cute boy would talk to me. If you don't believe me, here are 11 pictures that prove that I was cooler then than I am now. 

"I'm on a Boat" before it was a nasty rap song. 

Hand signs were still cool, so was my slidy phone. 

I liked to use filters to the extreme before Instagram. 

The first of many dancing pictures to come. Notice the facials. 

Picnics by the lake. Also, I pulled off the dark hair. 

Not only was it…