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Chewing Gum.

It's Friday and because it's Friday I'm currently sitting on my roommates bed because I'm too lazy to put the newly washed sheets back on my bed all the while chewing my gum as obnoxiously as I possibly can simply because I can. It's been a long week. I've had something going on during every day and basically every evening as well. Free time hasn't been an option and when I did find two hours of free time in between classes I ended up coming home and cleaning. Sometimes this whole being an adult thing gets pretty exhausting. I especially know that right now because it's only 9:10pm and I could go to bed right this instant. I could share all my happenings from this week, but that would mean I would have to relive it again and I really don't want to. School can be SO busy! Sadly, tomorrow is just as busy! I have three huge assignments due next week that I have to get done tomorrow. Lame. This is me sitting her complaining but the reality of the situat…

Coming to Terms with Self Image

I have my days. I'll wake up with 6 new zits on my face, the most insane bed head you've ever seen, can't find a darn thing to wear in my closet that is full of clothes, and then it takes me a good 45 minutes to come to terms with the fact that there is more to beauty than looking good every single day. I was born a lady and I will forever be grateful for that (I would never want to be a guy, gross). Though I love being a lady there are days where I wish I didn't have to shave my legs, put on makeup, straighten my hair, or even put on heels. Because I am a girl I often times suffer from self-esteem issues or lack of self-esteem at all. I have felt ugly before and I have felt like dirt before. Isn't it sad that in a world where we are either male or female someone can make us feel inferior, including ourselves? I saw this picture (see below) on Pinterest the other day and it really made me think about the way we all view our self image.

On Monday, a few roommates a…

A good nights work.

If I was a good blogger and if I wanted to be famous one day I would put a hyperlink to each of these cute crafty things I have been working on. Thankfully, I don't want to be famous and I know I'm not a good blogger so I'm going to save myself a lot of time and skip over hyperlink-ing. Some I found from Pinterest, others I found lodged deep inside of my brain. Here they are...

This idea I found on Pinterest. I already had the sticks and scrapbook paper is my best friend. Simple project. I'm going to fill the mason jar with candy hearts but I haven't made it to the store yet. 

This came from my brain and I am super excited of how cute it turned out. I surprise myself sometimes. 

Free printable I found on Pinterest and a frame I already had. I found the printable first and then decorated the rest of the apartment accordingly with the same colors. 

There is nothing cuter than baby clothespins. Sadly you can't see them in this picture but I love them. I had my roo…

I should probably blog about Florida.

Let's be honest for a moment and admit to everyone that I've been home since January 3 and I have yet to blog about my trip home. Once you get thrown back into reality you find that there is never enough time to accomplish 50% of the things you wish you could. This post is going to be mostly said in pictures because if I were to blog about my whole trip I'd be here all night. To begin with, my trip home included WAY too much food. Not a bad thing, just a statement. We had Christmas at the beach and that was super fun..for the most part. You throw 5 Forsyth's into a 2 bedroom condo for a few days and we kinda start to drive each other crazy. It happens because we are Forsyth's.

 These two pictures are of my dear parents. Mom's "testing the waters" and dad is attempting to fly away on a bike that doesn't move due to it being chained to the fence. This made me giggle. 

 Typical picture of mom and I in our matching pajamas. Yay for traditions!

Though …

Coming to Terms.

Today I took a lot of time to come to terms with a lot of things. I'm currently at my grands (grandparents) house and life is just so much simpler here. I'm only about 40 miles from good ole' Provo but there's something in the simplicity of being at my grands making cookies and drinking more than enough coke. Here's something I decided: Memories are the most cherished, most beautiful, most precious things in our lives. My reasoning comes behind the fact that you can't hold on to people but you can hold on to memories. Ever since I knew what a friend was I decided that I would want lots of them. Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and College has taught me that having a lot of friends isn't important. Having a few good friends is what's important. I can count the "best friends" I have had over the years. During the time each one of them has had that special role in my life we made memories and then we moved on. We got torn by bittern…

A Simple Marked Verse.

So Winter semester started Monday and I hate to admit it but there is no such thing anymore as an "easy" first day of class. By the time I walked home from campus I had about two hours worth of homework. Man, I love college. I could talk about all the details of my first week and what a crazy ride it has been but lately I've had a lot more on my heart that I think is time to put down in words.
      This first week back from Christmas Break has been one of the most challenging for me emotionally. I know that I will probably have the occasional meltdown for the rest of my life and I've come to terms with that but it just so happened that my biggest meltdown in MONTHS happened to happen on the first day of this semester. Lame, I know. So in the midst of my meltdown (I'm not ashamed to call it a meltdown) I turned to my scriptures and discovered the most beautiful verse that I had never heard before. For a quick backstory, my current Bible was my Grandma Forsy…