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2103 Bucket List Recap

At the end of 2012 I decided instead of making resolutions I would make a Bucket list instead. See original post here. I was super excited when last week I looked and I actually have accomplished some of the items on my list! Go me. Here's a wrap up of how I accomplished those goals: 

1. Train and run a 5k.
-This one I didn't do, sadly. I did go running in the spring, but then I injured my ankle and that kinda ruined this item on the list. 
2. Climb a mountain.
 -For FHE one week in the spring we decided to hike to Squaw Peak in Provo. We didn't make it to the peak, but we made it to the top of some mountain! I also hiked Y mountain a few times.
3. Take a dance class or go dancing.
- Fall semester I actually had to take a dance class for my graduation requirements. I loved this class and had no idea it was on my bucket list.
4. Save a decent amount of money to buy something useful.
- The most useful thing I bought this year was my college textbooks. This was something that put a bigger hole in my pocket than I imagined it would. 
5. Read a classical book.
- This year I read Pride and Prejudice as well as The Wizard of Oz (I didn't know this was a book and that there is more to the story after the stuff they show in the movie. Super cool.)
6. Go on a road trip.
-Can't say I did a road trip more than 50 miles this year. This will most certainly be on next years list.
7. Floss every single day (365 days, ya'll).
-I made it a surprising 5 months with this probably and then I let the habit slip. I floss regularly but I skipped a few days this year.
8. Help someone in need.
- I can't imagine that I didn't do this at some point this year. The one thing I can think of is randomly making my roommates bed. I know it's not the best example, just the one I could think of. 
9. Surprise someone.
- I don't know if I did this. You tell me?
10. Learn to cook something new.
-We all know that I have a love for cooking. This year I learned how to cook many different things in my crock-pot such as chicken cordon blue, creamy crock-pot chicken, and Cafe Rio chicken. That beauty is one useful appliance! 
11. Go skiing (Yep, never done it).
-Still have yet to do this. I blame it on the high cost and the fact that I took 18 credit hours this past semester and had little time to spend a day skiing. 
12. Do a craft project that will benefit someone other than myself.
-Thank heaven for Christmas! I learned to sew better this year thanks to my amazing aunt. I sewed pillows for my apartment as well as aprons for people for Christmas. 
13. Be a volunteer.
-Spring semester I volunteered in a local Elementary School and I also volunteered along with my extended family to help feed the homeless. 

Eight out of thirteen isn't bad if I say so myself! I can't wait to see what my 2014 Bucket List will hold (when I actually take the time to make it...haha). 

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!


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