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2103 Bucket List Recap

At the end of 2012 I decided instead of making resolutions I would make a Bucket list instead. See original post here. I was super excited when last week I looked and I actually have accomplished some of the items on my list! Go me. Here's a wrap up of how I accomplished those goals: 
1. Train and run a 5k. -This one I didn't do, sadly. I did go running in the spring, but then I injured my ankle and that kinda ruined this item on the list.  2. Climb a mountain. -For FHE one week in the spring we decided to hike to Squaw Peak in Provo. We didn't make it to the peak, but we made it to the top of some mountain! I also hiked Y mountain a few times. 3. Take a dance class or go dancing. - Fall semester I actually had to take a dance class for my graduation requirements. I loved this class and had no idea it was on my bucket list. 4. Save a decent amount of money to buy something useful. - The most useful thing I bought this year was my college textbooks. This was something that pu…

These are a few of my favorite things...of 2013!

I know this is a little soon, but my life is about to get 10x's crazier and I probably will forget to post this if I don't do it now. It's my goal to make a list of my favorite things from each year at the end of that year. I'm starting this year so this is a new thing for the blog. My favorite portion of this post are my favorite pictures from 2013, I clearly know how to take extremely unattractive pictures. Also, if you have any questions about any of my favorites let me know and I will share my love with you. So without anymore hesitation, here are my favorite things from 2013!

Music: Fight- Lee DeWyze Where are you Now- Mumford and Sons Through the Dark- One Direction Kick Drum Heart- The Avett Brothers
Food: Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Slab Pizza in Provo Smokin’ Apple BBQ in Lindon Brownies
Clothes: Columbia Omni Heat Winter Coat Sorel Snow Boots Any shirt that has stripes Cheetah Print Flats Atoeyac Sandals J Crew Purple Pencil Skirt
TV Shows: CSI: NY Grey’s A…