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Halloween? Homeworkeen?

It's 9:30pm. I've never been so exhausted. It's Halloween and I didn't even dress up. Okay, I put on a mask for a couple of pictures but that was about as festive as I have been feeling today. College isn't for the weak. Most days I feel like I'm multitasking my life away and that's not an easy thing to do. On a positive note I ate a ton of treats today. I'm sure I'll/my butt will be feeling it tomorrow. I still haven't felt up to exercising since my kidney infection. It's mostly because of a fear that I'll start feeling crummy again and boy, that kidney infection took a lot out of me. I couldn't bear it happening again. I'll share the kidney infection story when I have more time, or when I decide I'm ready to relive the memories of that awful week again. Well, this is a pointless post, but I felt the need to share just a bit of my life. Love you all.

Doubt your Doubts before you Doubt your Faith

I can imagine that a lot of people contemplate their lives in places such as a car, the shower, on walks, or anywhere where the sense of being alone overcomes the feeling of belonging. Things happen in our lives that we can't control and that's a heavy burden that makes the world feel like it is hanging on our shoulders. We always hope for the best and we always mentally tell ourselves that when we wake up in the morning that everything will be better. Then you wake up and the reality hits that things are still the same and the things you wished that would change haven't changed at all. Where do you go from here? You may feel lost, you may feel confused, and you may feel angry. You'll hope for someone to confide in and that by telling everything to someone you'll feel better. Then you realize that there really is no one who you can talk to who will understand and the child-like need for a simple hug becomes stronger. I know I'm not the only one who has felt the…

Thank God for Hometowns

I've been all sorts of emotional this morning. It's homecoming week in my hometown and that was always my favorite time of the school year. I can remember the memories I made with friends that I hardly speak to now. I remember the laughter and the feeling of being young and lucky. Last night as some kids were going home from float building there was a tragic car accident and one sweet senior passed away. I didn't know that beautiful girl but I know people who did. She was a senior and in one instant everything changed. Others were injured and I can feel the somber mood of my hometown from over 2,000 miles away through the FaceBook posts, the tweets on twitter, and the articles news reporters have shared. The thing about being raised in a small town in the south is that no matter if you know someone or not, when tragedy happens you come together as a community. Teenagers at my old high school gathered this morning in our schools commons area and had a moment of silence foll…