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Tender Mercies on a Bad Day.

I've had two Diet Coke's today. I guess I should probably tell you I had my first one at 10:30 this morning. It's been quite the long Monday. I normally don't mind Monday's. I feel pretty great after Sunday and Monday is a good start to the week. Today was different. At my job we moved desks. This shouldn't be a big deal, except for the fact that now I sit in the middle of the call floor and there are people surrounding me. This took me about an hour to get used to because I like my space and I can have a bit of anxiety when I feel claustrophobic. Then I acclimated and was fine with the situation. I carried on and did my usual job duties. I'm a bit of a talker. It runs in the family and honestly if I didn't talk to people at work, laugh with people at work, and joke with people at work I would NOT survive my 8 hour shift. This has never been an issue...until today. I was talking and then all the sudden I get "shh-ed" by the lady that sits behi…

How I Feel About Today.

99.9% I try to be positive on this blog. I try to be inspirational and real and even slightly humorous (which I'm sure only I find funny). Today was the pits. The armpits, the sandpits, the peach-pits, the stinky pits where everything in the world went wrong. I was supposed to start my "diet" today. I basically have gained some pounds since moving to the state-full-of-good-food aka UTAH and I was fed up (was being the appropriate word for the day, take note) with how I looked so I was determined to change it. I arrive at work and I can already tell it's going to be a long day. I do my job, survive the 8 hours with a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup during the last hour (some diet, right?...hahahah) and end my day with the inclination that tomorrow would be better. As I was walking out this sweet girl asked for a ride up to a bus stop on State Street. I said sure and we were on our merry way. After I dropped her off, I was on the side of the street where I needed to merg…