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Thank you, Mr. Gardener

When I was a kid my dad would let me sit on the top of the couch and brush his hair. My dad has always had a great head of hair and I remember loving to brush my very manly fathers hair. I used to love to watch my dad build things. When you're three watching your dad build anything was neat. It happens to everyone- you grow up. You forget things like brushing your dads hair and watching him build things. One day you wake up and realize that your father has built many things over the years. He has built a family, he has built a home, he has built a career, he has built a company, he has built a marriage, and he has built children. My father's day card this year (which I haven't mailed off yet, awful, I know) starts off by saying, "Dad, I know we don't always share our feelings." This could not be a more perfect statement for my dad and I. I am a lot like my dad. I'm like my dad in stubbornness as well as in determination. If there is a will, there is a way…

For the beauty of the Earth.

Honestly. Can you please look at the pictures above and admit that I live in the most beautiful place ever? Life has taught me a lot lately about perspective. Everyone views things in their own way. Everyone has different beliefs and desires but we all strive to be happy. Tonight for FHE (Family Home Evening) I had the opportunity to hike in the beautiful mountains with nine other people. I was overcome with the love my Heavenly Father has for me and everyone around me. When you get to see the world in a new perspective, let's say from the top of a mountain, it's hard to question the reality of God's infinite love. Jesus Christ lives. He created this beautiful earth so we could live, grow, and experience things. Saturday my car window decided it didn't want to roll back up. I tried and tried to push it up but it wasn't budging. Today I took it to get it fixed. They told me it was going to cost over $200. $200 is a lot of money for a college student. I was stressed…