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Lead me, Guide me, Walk beside me.

Woke up. Got ready. Walked to class in the rain. Went to class. Watched people slide all around campus. Check email. Last class has been cancelled. Go home. Get text. Pinnacle Sales have been ceased immediately. Lost job. Cry. Call mom. Call cousin. Cry. Go to aunts. Find relief and comfort. Leave. Go to other aunts. Get comfort and dinner. Drive home. Cry while driving. Get home. Cry more. Call mom. Cry even more. Take shower. Cry while in the shower. Get dressed. Put on favorite pajamas. The ones with the turtles on them. Sit on the couch. Open laptop. Start this blog.

I woke up this morning and my life was perfect. I am attending BYU, I had a great job that I loved, and I had ice cream in the freezer, Really, what more could a girl want? Then the news came that Pinnacle Sales have been ceased and that I should not go into work until further notice. Basically, I have been laid off with no warning. The shock of all this was more than I could seem to handle. I cried in front of my roo…

I Know that My Redeemer Lives.

It's hard sometimes to just step back and see your life the way it actually was. There are moments of weakness where you realize that your past is something that you can never go back to, your decisions in life are solid, and your pathway to where ever you may be going is something that you wanted more than anything at one point. Your life, and my life, tells a story of a person who has lived on this Earth and who has felt things. The greatest thing about being human is our ability to feel.We can feel happiness, we can feel sadness, we can feel pain, and we can feel the tender mercies of love. We too often take this experience for granted, at least I know I do. There are times where you may feel like your life is hard. The challenges that you have been given are too much, and the physical circumstances you have been placed into are unfair. Let me tell you something: You can do ALL things through Christ. I am sure you can quote the scripture or remember a time when someone has sai…

The Adventures of Delta Flight 1245 & 1123.

I love to fly. Seriously though, ever since I can remember I have LOVED to fly. There was/is something magical about an object so large carrying so many people soaring through the air like a bird. Thursday, I made my long journey back to Utah. My lovely mother the night before I left had left treats on my bed for my traveling (see picture below).
She is such a doll. I just love her. Anyways, my trip to Florida went fine. Easy day, easy flights. The trip BACK, however, was just plain interesting. First, I flew to Atlanta. During that flight there was some turbulence which made me a bit uneasy.  I survived and landed in ATL on time. We flew into Gate A and I needed to get to Gate F. Gate F was on the complete opposite end of the airport. I had to take the train, which was fast and kind of a nightmare for someone like me with terrible balance. I proceeded to my Gate, grabbed some food, and went to wait to board the airplane. Here is the best part of the story..
Yes, that is a man with ra…

2013 Bucket List

Every year I've been blogging I've made a list of New Years Resolutions. Some of them I keep, but like most people I stick with them for about a week and then forget all about them. This year, I had the bright idea to make a Bucket List instead. When most people think of a Bucket List they think of things they want to do before they die. I've decided to not wait until I'm nearly dead to do some of the things I've always wanted to do. So without any further are my 13 Items on my 2013 Bucket List.
1. Train and run a 5k.
2. Climb a mountain.
3. Take a dance class or go dancing.
4. Save a decent amount of money to buy something useful.
5. Read a classical book.
6. Go on a road trip.
7. Floss every single day (365 days, ya'll).
8. Help someone in need.
9. Surprise someone.
10. Learn to cook something new.
11. Go skiing (Yep, never done it).
12. Do a craft project that will benefit someone other than myself.
13. Be a volunteer.

As I mark these off, I wil…