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Happy Almost New Year. The best of 2012.

New Years Eve more than any day of the year makes you really reflect on your life, at least that's how it seems to be for me. You reflect on the year you've just had. You wonder if you've done something memorable in the duration of the year. This year you've experienced a birthday, Easter, 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now you've made it to New Years Eve. People are making resolutions (you'll get to hear mine tomorrow), people are spending time with those they love, and everyone is celebrating surviving 2012 because many people thought that we wouldn't, thanks to the Mayans. Now I'd like to share a few memories of my 2012 because it was one of the biggest years of my life. During 2012 Shelby Jean Forsyth:
1. Worked 2 jobs at once (thankfully not for very long).
2. Turned 19.
3. Passed Statistics with an "A."
4. Decided to move to Utah.
5. Drove across the U.S. with my mother.
6. Moved to Utah.
7. Lived in my first ever apartment.

Bruised Bum, Cold Weather, Countdown to HOME!

I've been seriously slacking on my blogging lately. It's probably because since Thanksgiving my mind has been no where but counting down to my trip home. Words cannot express how excited I am to be home, to be where people say "ma'am" and "sir." There is something special about the South and being raised there. You never fully appreciate it until you step outside of that Southern comfort zone. I fly home Sunday and it could not come fast enough. In other news, I had a fantastic weekend at my grandparents last weekend. They are the greatest and I am so lucky to have the relationship that I have with them. When I make trips to their house I usually take my laundry and do my laundry there. This weekend, I was carrying my heavy laundry basket downstairs to the laundry room, and managed to fall down at least 5 stairs. Needless to say I have a nasty bruise on my bum and there is no fun in that. It was painful at the time, but made a good story at work Monday…