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102 Days.

Well Folks, it's been exactly 102 days since my car left home and headed out west. Each day that I'm away from home I discover more about myself, my relationships, and my Heavenly Father. It's hard to place a time or a date to your life changing especially when it happens over a period of time and through many hard lessons. Now more than ever I realize the importance of relying on my Heavenly Father in all times, in all things, and in all places. I have such a testimony of the love my Savior gives me. He is my constant companion and he is my everything. At times things can get dark and things can get lonely. During these moments of trial we too often forget our divine worth. We were all sent here with a unique and special plan. We were destined for greatness and we were destined to allow ourselves to achieve that divine potential. I have learned to never give up on my Savior, because when I don't give up on him I don't give up on myself. These past 102 days have b…

A Girls Gotta Do What A Girls Gotta Do.

It has been one of those days. I got off work, had to go grocery shopping, realized I left my grocery list at work, and ended up buying basically everything I wanted instead of everything I needed. It really goes to show you that sometimes you just have to go with the flow. I got home, unloaded the groceries, ate dinner and discovered that I had the motivation to do absolutely..nothing. After watching the latest Nashville episode (which I highly recommend watching) I realized I better do something productive. For about two weeks our bathroom sick hasn't been draining the best. Living with 5 other girls I was honestly surprised it hadn't clogged up before now. Girls tend to lose lots of things in their sinks. While grocery shopping I decided to be proactive and buy Drano (which from far away looks like Draco..Harry Potter nerd for life, yo) for our sink. I was just about sick and tired of the draining being slower than a sailboat on a wind-less day. So I put the Drano in the s…