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A place called home.

What a surprise it was to wake up one morning last week to snow on the mountaintops. Coming from Florida, I never have really gotten to experience the change of seasons. I became overwhelmed by the love I felt from my Savior. What a beautiful world our Heavenly Father has created. It makes me sad to think that people can deny his existence when they see things such as a fall day and the leaves on the trees change colors. When I was up in the mountains (see pictures above) I felt as if I have never lived before that moment. The beauty of this world is breathtaking. I am so blessed to live in this magical place. Over the past few weeks life has taught me lessons that I wasn't quite expecting. Living away from home for the first time brings challenges such as not being able to control what others do/don't do in our apartment, learning that the apartment will never be as clean as I expect it to be, people will do things for their own reasons and not yours, and many more. I miss t…