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Remember, Remember.

Every now and then when I find myself with enough collected thoughts to talk about, I blog. I normally start it off with something in my life, relate it to something that can uplift someone else, and sometimes end with something to challenge whoever might be reading this (that sentence had a lot of "something" in it..oops). So today I will start off by saying how much I love Sunday naps, except today when I fall asleep with headphones in my ears and wake up with them swallowing me. It was..odd and uncomfortable. Any who, Today obviously was a Sunday. It was our regional conference which means my roommates and I drove to the Marriott Center along with about 20,000 other Young Single Adults to hear talks about Christ and to learn more of the gospel. Coming from a town where the members of the LDS faith are small and minuscule, being surrounded by 20,000 people around my age that shared my same beliefs and values was simply breathtaking and a testimony builder. The re…

Trials and Tears.

Bad days are bad and bad weeks are even worse. I think i'm at this point where I'm really starting to miss home so everything else seems to be falling apart. Things such as the bathroom door breaking off, hitting my head on the freezer door, having long days at work, and getting used to being around 5 other girls is a LOT of work. Okay, don't get me wrong. I LOVE my roommates. I adore each and every one of them but my whole life I've grown up with brothers so being around this many girls all the time is an adjustment for sure. So even though things aren't going the greatest, I still am so lucky. I feel like these trials are strengthening my testimony of Christ each and every day because I know he is always there for me and he has been through much, much worse. The fact about trials is we don't get to choose them. Sometimes we bring them upon ourselves by the decisions and choices we make, but most of the time trials hit us and it's hard to understand why. …