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Just for kicks and giggles.

My new life motto is, "As long as no one sees it, it never happened." Want to know why? Well, I moved in Friday to my lovely new apartment. I happened to have a three-shelved plastic container where I keep my "underclothes" (to put it nicely). I was joking with my aunt how I would just die if I dropped the container and all my underwear and bras fell out as I was carrying it from my car to my apartment. Next thing I know, the top of the container pops off and the shelves go crashing to the ground and all my underwear and bras were scattered on the middle courtyard thingy. LOVELY. Here's where my new motto comes into play, thankfully no one saw my accident. At least the next time someone asks me when my most embarrassing moment was i'll finally have a funny story to tell. On to my next example.. Ever since I got to Utah I have been trying to make sure to eat some-what healthy so I can stay fit. I have been doing SO well. Today I had half of a king size Milky Way in my lunchbox. I knew I shouldn't eat it. I wanted it so bad, so I ate the darn thing. About 10 minutes later I realize I had spilled a bit of chocolate on my black pants which by this point had smeared in about three different spots. WONDERFUL. Once again, no one saw before I had cleaned myself up. I tell you, I am just graceful lately, right? Oh I hope you felt the ooze of sarcasm in that last sentence, if not, I apologize. Sarcasm has never been my strong point. Other than that, I am loving life. Being away from home means terrible toilet paper, simple meals, and lots of responsibility but I have never been happier.


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Coming to an end.

Considering my last post was in October, this morning I woke up and finally wanted to let the fingers type and do the talking. Since October my life has changed and I have grown so much. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and I also always knew that I have both of my parents running through my blood. What this means for me is that I have this incredible drive to push myself to limits that haven't been set. My beautiful mother gave me passion for education. She constantly sets the example of the most excellent educator and one day I hope to be as successful as she is and was in the classroom. My mother gave me the realistic expectations that come with teaching, such as not always getting my way or having things work out in the way I would like them to. Bless her soul for being my constant supporter. My father gave me the drive to work hard and to never give up. He works construction and there hasn't been one thing that he hasn't finished once he set his mind to it. He …

The Prayer of a Teacher After the First Day of School.

I cried today. Lately, I haven't been much of a cryer. My mom will tell you that it takes a lot to make me cry. Today I cried. I cried because today was the first day of school. I am exhausted. My feet hurt, my face is greasy, and I'm not sure how I smell. I smiled as 22 brand new students walked into classroom 120. I felt the high energy of the kids who wished summer was at least another month longer. I tried to explain the rules and procedures but forgot how difficult that can be. This year will prove to be the biggest challenge in my teaching career. I miss my kids from last year, still. I hope the impact they've left on me will never change. Today, I write down a prayer for myself and for all my teachers out there. I pray that I will make a difference. I pray that tomorrow when the routines begin that I will give direction with clarity. I pray that I will find something to love about each one of my students. I pray I don't forget the good kids while I'm focusin…

BYU. Westmore. Anxiety. Family. Trusting. MY 5 YEARS IN UTAH.

For me, it’s usually night when all the feels start hitting and I get all sorts of nostalgic. August brings so many challenges for me in many ways. Once August hits it means summer is finally coming to an end and even though I’m usually ready to go back to work, the stress starts to creep in. Going into my 4th year seems bizarre. I don’t feel as if I’m a seasoned teacher, but since I’m not worried about the first day of school I think that says something. August also is the month where 5 years ago I took a big risk and moved to Utah. I left the comfort of my sweet southern home and stepped out on my own. Since 5 years seems like an eternity and a second all at the same time, I decided to write down the 5 most important things that have happened to me since I moved here.
1.Attending and graduating from BYU. I loved my time at BYU. I ran through my experience and I don’t regret that at all. I always knew the college lifestyle wasn’t for me, so getting through it fast was a blessing. I …