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Just for kicks and giggles.

My new life motto is, "As long as no one sees it, it never happened." Want to know why? Well, I moved in Friday to my lovely new apartment. I happened to have a three-shelved plastic container where I keep my "underclothes" (to put it nicely). I was joking with my aunt how I would just die if I dropped the container and all my underwear and bras fell out as I was carrying it from my car to my apartment. Next thing I know, the top of the container pops off and the shelves go crashing to the ground and all my underwear and bras were scattered on the middle courtyard thingy. LOVELY. Here's where my new motto comes into play, thankfully no one saw my accident. At least the next time someone asks me when my most embarrassing moment was i'll finally have a funny story to tell. On to my next example.. Ever since I got to Utah I have been trying to make sure to eat some-what healthy so I can stay fit. I have been doing SO well. Today I had half of a king size Milky…

My New Life.

My new life has begun and it has already shown me in so many ways how truly lucky I am to be on this adventure. At first being over 2,000 miles away from home was an adjustment. It's been 2 weeks since I left little ole' Lake City and started the journey west. Although I'm not completely adjusted to my new surroundings and atmosphere, I am truly happy with the decision I've made. I have started my new job at Pinnacle Security as an Inside Sales Scheduler, which basically means I schedule the appointments for the technicians to go and install the security systems into peoples homes. I love my job and I have been blessed to be trained by great people. The atmosphere is a positive environment and I am constantly learning something new. My aunt and uncle have so graciously let me stay with them until I move into my apartment next week and I have felt so loved since I got here. They are such amazing people and their hospitality has been wonderful. I miss…