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What comes next + GREAT news.

For the next few weeks you're going to get lots of talk from me about ME! As I have already announced, I am moving to Utah August 3rd. Although I know this is a good step in my life, I have been a bit concerned that maybe, just maybe, I was making the wrong choice. One thing that scared me the most was leaving my wonderful job, and then moving out to Utah and not being able to find a job at all. Let's face it, Provo is a college town and there are always college kids thirsty for good jobs. I have been silently stressing about it, keeping it under the radar how concerned I was about not being able to find a job. Once I started working two years ago I knew that I would want to work until I started having kids, and from that point decide what I should do from there. Last night I was doing my nightly "creepin" on Facebook and happened to stumble upon a status that made my ears perk up. It said, "If anyone is looking for a job in the Lindon area please let me know,&q…

Grass is ALWAYS Greener on the other side, right?

It's funny how a smell, song, or even a piece of clothing can bring you right back to a memory that you had long forgotten. When I started this blog 2 1/2 years ago I was looking for an escape from all the chaos of every day life. I was struggling with High School, boys, family, and all the unnecessary things a teenage girl deals with. Along this journey I have realized the divine potential of following your dreams and believing in your heart. Although, at times I have learned that following your dreams can either break your heart, or keep the belief growing stronger. As a child we were all taught about love. First, you learned how to love your family, then you learned how to love your friends, and at the right time and with the right person(or the wrong one..haha) you learned how to fall in love with someone of the opposite sex. What a beautiful thing it is to love. I am single right now, but love has taught me some things about following your heart as well as your dreams. So her…