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Light on a Hill.

There's a famous scripture that reads, "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid." Just like a lighthouse, your light can bring hope and strength to those who may be lost at sea. Sometimes it is hard for me to imagine this world in its whole entirety. I am one soul, one girl, in the midst of billions of people. How can I possibly make a difference? I'm sure you have already heard the story I'm about to share, but it's a good reminder of how important we as individuals are.
         There was this rich man who had everything he wanted in the world and one day he was walking down the beach. There were hundreds, maybe even thousands, of starfish washed up along the shore. As he continued his walk he noticed a simple boy picking up a starfish one by one and throwing them back into the sea. Considering how there were so many starfish, the man thought the boy was foolish. He reached the boy and asked him why he was taking t…

Free Fallin'..literally.

The fact of the matter is that some days just stink(I would rather say "suck" but my grandmother hates that word so I'm trying to stop using it). You could say that today was a mountain that got bigger and bigger as the day went on. Picture me climbing up this mountain(no really, picture it), and it just getting larger by the minute. I am taking a four hour stats class twice a week. I needed the class, so I took it. It hasn't been that hard for the most part, but today we had a test that was hard. I thought I failed it. To make matters worse, mother nature decided to visit(sorry, guys who might be reading) in the middle of class. I go on telling you about how I got rained on the ONLY 5 minutes it rained today as I was walking to my car, forgetting to shave last night and then packing a skirt to wear to work today without realizing it, not being able to hear out of one of my ears due to unnatural and unknown reasons, or even how my fingernail polish is chipping. Today…