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The Bigger Picture.

The bigger picture. People have used that phrase for years. People will use that phrase for years to come. Honestly though, does anyone really understand the bigger picture? What is it exactly? Lately I have struggled with the bigger picture; I needed a new perspective. I found myself in a place where that perspective I have been searching for was found. Almost a month ago my best friend and I took a trip to St. Augustine. After a lovely dinner we drove to the beach. It was dark, and the beachfront was closed but we still were able to see the water and feel the ocean breeze. Through the frizzing of my hair I realized how truly small I am in this world. What is my bigger picture? How am I supposed to know at almost 19 years old what the bigger picture was? I was faced with this vast open water that never ends. That's the beauty of the ocean, it makes you realize how lucky you are to be alive. Surrounded by the most magnificent beauty I counted my blessings and realized that I have …