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Light of the World

There is a darkness that is covering the world. That darkness is evil and full of envy, hate, cruelty, lust, wicked desires, and anything that is worldly. Imagine that you are laying in your bed and it's nighttime. Everything is dark and the shadows of your dresser, nightstand, door, and other various items in your room can barely be seen. Though they can barely be seen, you still know that no matter what they are always there. Now compare this scene to your life. This world is the darkness, the various items you can hardly see are God, Jesus Christ, Holy Ghost, attending church, watching good movies, listening to uplifting music, and everything else that is not of this world. You know that those good things are always there and that they always will be, but sometimes through the darkness these things are hard to be seen and we often forget that in this world there actually are good things. When your life is covered in darkness and hope seems to be lost I give you the simple messa…