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This needs a title, here it is.

What an day. Or should I say, what an eventful day. I expected today to be another usual Friday full of working, sleeping, eating, and evening plans. What I didn't expect was to start my day off opening at work and spilling five gallons of tea on the floor. I am a Mormon. I do not drink tea. I do not like the smell, the color, the feel, the ANYTHING of tea. Cleaning it up took forever and by the end cleaning and my six hour shift I felt like I was one big walking glass of tea. Lovely. Then I come home and take a nap. Finally something good to talk about. Then I had a very enjoyable fish dinner with my family, followed by watching Pearl Harbor and roasting smores. I then decide, well, since I'm not doing anything else tonight I might as well do some homework. I started some, got bored, and here I am writing about it. This Friday wasn't as eventful as I made it sound, but when you like schedules as much as I do, spilling 5 gallons of tea really messes up the flow of life.

I swear to tell the truth, the half truth, or no truth at all?

Everyone does it. Everyone will always do it. Everyone lies. There is no wonder I have such trust issues. I have been thinking a lot lately about how important it is to be honest with others and even honest with yourself. Honestly honesty is the most important thing when it comes to relationships. Having the ability to trust is key and without honesty there is none. Now, I know we all don't lie about big things for the simple fact that if you lie about big things no one will believe you. It's the small lies, the half truths, the white lies, that get you. Everyone does it. We live in a world where making yourself seem as good as possible is a basic survival method and the way we achieve this is by telling small lies mixed with some truth. Where is the credibility in that? Once you are caught in a lie you will be forever known as a liar to that person and that's a hard reputation to fix. I am guilty of this verdict, as I think we all are at some point. We all tell small lies…

My Life Lately According to my iPhone

1. Faith Road. What an amazing gift it is to see this everyday when I go into the plaza where I work.2. Red Velvet Cream Cookies. They gave me a bit of trouble, but they turned out amazing. Hopefully everyone at work tomorrow will like them as much as I do. 3. Bathtub Crayons. I am addicted to drawing with my bathtub crayons. They are so fun and wipe right off. Thank you Katherine! 4. Meet Larry! He's my new fish. He's pretty great already. He listens when I talk to him(He floats closer to me when I start talking). He's so talented. I wanted a change and something to have responsibility over. He is the product of that want.