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Memory Lane

I keep finding myself in this awkward mood to clean. Tonight it was my famous "junk" drawer that I found myself rummaging through. Let's face it, everyone has one. I found a picture my dear sweet Hannah drew of me at camp about three years ago(see above). I found my yearbook from this past year. I was reading the little notes people write in there. Here's my favorite:
Shelby, You are the finest Mormon chick ever. I am going to work my butt off to improve myself so I can steal you away from your motorcycle driving man. Shelby <3's ______ Forever(name has been removed for privacy purposes). Seriously though, you are so awesome that without you, I probably wouldn't have gotten through this year with my sanity. You rock. -______, Future Husband/Dentist(name has been removed for embarrassment purposes).
I felt quite loved my the amazing kid who wrote that in my yearbook. It's one of those things I will laugh when I'm 80 and senile. I also found some memorie…

Growing Pains

I have decided that growing up is not as fun as I thought it would be. Instead of picking out my first day of school outfit, getting jitters in my stomach, and dreading waking up before the sun, my head is now full of the cost of textbooks, Student ID's, and finding a parking spot at the local college. My sweet little brother Dylan will start high school tomorrow and it makes me want to cry. I may not have been good at much, but I was good at high school. I had a place, I had friends, and I had stability. College life will be much different. I still live at home, but I have a job and I have college classes two days a week. I will stay up later, I will study longer, and I will face this next chapter with a smile on my face. For all of those who are still in high school, embrace it. It really does FLY by faster than you could ever imagine. Cherish those close to you because one day they will all walk across that stage, get their diploma, and be in your life less and less. For all my…


I am so in love with ironing. I LOVE to iron. Thankfully I am only addicted to ironing my clothes. Every time my laundry gets done being washed I iron them all. I love nothing more than going to my closet and having plenty of cute ironed clothes to wear.
Anywho, My life is getting crazy! My poor little Dylan starts high school next week. I miss high school. A lot. Oh well, college will be fun. I have been redoing my bedroom. It's to the point where I LOVE it. It's got a more vintage feel and that's exactly how I wanted it to be. I feel organized and I enjoy coming home to a clean room every day. Jason and Alisen (cousin and his soon to be wife) will be here tomorrow night and I am thrilled. I miss my Utah family.

Summer Addictions 2011

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from this summer. What a crazy summer it has been. I would like to claim this summer my summer of "addictions." I ended up having quite a few so i decided I might as well share. 1. When I was in Utah, Jamba Juice was my best friend. I only thought that Jamba Juice was in the movie "Baby Mama," which happens to be one of my favorite movies, but It's an actual place! It's amazing and yummy. 2. My iPhone. Sadly, I love my iPhone more than I used to love Diet Coke (which is a BIG DEAL). I spend countless hours on my phone doing fancy things a smart phone does ;) 3. Pandora Radio. This is one of the reasons my iPhone is such an addiction. I am always listening to Pandora. When I get ready, when I drive, when I mow, pretty much all day I am listening to music from Pandora. 4. Law and Order:Special Victims Unit. For most this may be weird, but I love it. I watch at least one episode every night before I go to sleep. I blame my c…