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Snapshot of Character

Well, It's late and I seem to always have more thoughts in my head the later at night it gets. Being home is a different feeling and I didn't realize how much I missed home until I was actually back home (if that makes any sense). There is comfort in sleeping in my own bed, being able to call my best friend and know she's not far away, hearing Dylan yell at his xbox, driving my own car, and being able to see the boyfriend whenever I feel like it. It is always nice to have a vacation, though. Now let's get to the good stuff. I have been thinking a lot lately about how we are defined as a person. I define myself in many ways: short, blonde, loyal, honest, Mormon, snorter(the laughing kind, not the drug kind), and willing. Then I had the question in my mind, "How do people define me?" Hopefully by most I have been defined accurately and not by simple judgement. I heard once by a speaker at a leadership conference that people determine character through snapshots. These snapshots are unexpected and we are almost NEVER posing for probably the most important photo of our lives. This is the photo where we will be forever known by to that particular person. It's crazy to me to think that most people that have stepped into my life defined me as a person in one simple snapshot of character. I cannot answer for anyone but myself in saying I surely hope I have taken good snapshots of character. Next time you're picking your nose, yelling at your sibling in public, being disrespectful to a friend, or even spreading gossip I hope you stop to think that someone is taking a snapshot of you. Is that the kind of person you want to be defined and remembered by? I would like to hope not.


  1. A truly fabulous person can not be defined so easily. I was trying to think of one word to describe you (a word snapshot) and I couldn't. I had to have numerous. This say's a lot about you. A multifaceted person is one that will survive in any situation. Love you.


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