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Bittersweet goodbyes.

I have been avoiding blogging for quite some time. I felt like writing about all this coming to an end would turn my life back to reality that I am actually graduating Friday night and nothing is stopping that. 13 years ago I was blonde small girl on her first day of kindergarten. Back then the world was smaller and my dreams were silly things like going to Disney. Now I am 18 years old and my grade school days are ending. In my 13 years of school I have had many teachers. I have been taught and my knowledge has grown. Some of them were good and some of them were bad, but most all of them wanted me to succeed. I have learned a lot about life too on this journey. I have made friends, lost friends, and gained the best people I could have ever hoped for. Now I'm getting graduation presents and my senior picture is hanging in the hallway, it's getting closer. Friday night will not only be a ending, it will be a beginning. My life will never be how it is right now and that's q…