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A little odd mixed with a smile.

In a world full of black & white I've learned to be a different color. Some days I am grey, some days I am yellow, some days blue, so on. Finding that "happy medium" isn't as easy as it looks.

This was a record week in my life. I am learning to adjust to CONTACTS! After stabbing myself in the eye for a great amount of time I can see without my glasses! This should help improve my sight which is needed. I also am now EMPLOYED! I will be working at McAllisters Deli. It's the most darling little sandwich shop. It's a friendly, clean enviroment which will be nice. I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life.

Today was CHRISTMAS! It's a day that millions of bright-eyed children look forward to the entire year. To some it's a reminder to remember Christ. To some it's a day to be with family. To some it's a day to receive and give gifts. To some it's nothing more than another day. To me Christmas is much more than the wrapping paper thr…

Dear Prince Charming Part 2

Hey you(:
It's been almost a year since I addressed you for the first time. I hope you're doing well, and I hope you're happy. It's funny to think that maybe I've met you, or maybe you're out there waiting to be found. I'm learning to not look for you, but to be the best person I can be so that one day when we meet or meet again, I will be ready. I want the kind of relationship that is anything imperfectly perfect. I listen to amazing songs about love and I think of the day that every single one will be about you. They'll be all about us. I'm still young, and I'm still growing. I want you to know that whoever you are, wherever you are, I think about you often. On all those bay days that nothing seems to be going right it's comforting to know that one day I'll have you to hold and to hug forever. "You're my air when I feel I can't breathe, catching me when I'm trippin' over my feet. We'll get through this together.…