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I, as a 17 year old teenager, desire to feel beautiful.
I wondered about this today as I attended church and as I drove home. What is beauty? When was the last time I felt beautiful? What defines what makes a girl beautiful? One definition I found online of the word beautiful was: Having qualities that delight the senses, especially the sense of sight. I wanted to investigate. I asked about 10 of my closest girl friends, "When was the last time you felt beautiful?" I received answers such as these:
"I can't remember, maybe prom."
"I'm not sure."
"When I was with____(her last boyfriend)."
"Today! _____(name) makes me feel beautiful all the time."
"To be honest I don't think about when I look beautiful. When someone tells me it surprises me."
"Forever ago"

Then I went on to ask those same girls, "What defines what makes a girl beautiful?" I received…

Thankful A-Z

A-Apples have been my favorite this week!
B-Birthdays. Happy Birthday Dad
C-Caris&Cal. What's not to love?
D-Dylan who is currently complaining about homework.
E-Elephants(no comment)
F-FRIENDS I happen to have the greatest.
H-Home is where the heart is.
I-Ice Cream-Chocolate Chunk with mint tonight.
J-Journalism is my favoriteeeeee class.
L-Logan, oh how I miss you!
M-My Mother who is beautiful & gorgeous.
N-November reminds me to be thankful.
Q-Quarterbacks, I love football season!
R-Rainy days
S-Summer days, lazy nights
U-Utah-my home away from home
W-Water. Oh how I love my baths.
Y-Yellow is such a happy color.
Z-Zebra print anything.

Remember to always be THANKFUL!

Ms. Limps-A-Lot

Alright, It's about time I let the whole world know about my foot saga. Telling someone you have a wart on the bottom of your foot isn't one of the most attractive things I'd like to tell anyone about. The story begins at the beginning of summer around June, I suppose. I started having pain on my left foot on the part right below the toes(I can't think of the proper name). It looked like maybe a sliver of some sort had infested my foot. I tried to get it out with a needle which didn't work and resorted to almost passing out with my grandma laughing at me all along the way. I let it be and when school started again I started telling people about the pain. Someone told me it could possibly be a planters wart. I googled it and found out that is what it was. GREAAAAATTT. I treated it with medicine, no luck. I then froze it off, no luck. I gave up. I had mom call the doctor. So Friday my lovely mother took me to the doctor. After crying, a shot in my foot, and the docto…