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Oh, Oh those Thursday Nights

Okay, I know you enjoyed my title. I stole it from Grease and switched the words. Woohoooo!
Anyways, back to my Thursday. I won't tell you about school, though it was quite exciting day. We made edible protozoans in Zoology. I also got a bag of very yummy candy which I had consumed within the remainder of the day. This reminds me I should probably brush my teeth 10 times tonight. When I got home I took my normal nap, woke up and the family was home. We had fish for dinner and then the fun began. I offered to make cupcakes for a Halloween party I'll be attending tomorrow night. I wanted them to be AMAZING. I had it all planned out. Then I go to get the paper liners for the cupcake batter to be put in and found 95% of them flattened. These were the good ones:

And then these were the bad ones:

So I baked them, and hated the ugly ones. I turned to mini cupcakes so now tomorrow night at the party I will have about 6 good large ones, and about 30 small ones. Lovely. So much for wantin…

I've had just enough time..

Today, I found out a young girl of just 17 and her mother were killed in a car accident on the way back from a wedding. This girl I've known since I was kid. We weren't very close, and sadly I can't remember the last time I talked to her. I do know that she was one of the most kind people I have ever met in my life. I know her mother was always so nice and heartfelt when I saw her. I can't believe such a tragic thing could happen to people so good. I know this will be a hard thing for my whole class and school to deal with. It surely puts life into perspective when things such as this happen. I know we will be sad and hurt for a while but it's time to live. I don't mean like you do every day. I mean really live. Take moments to count your blessings and take the time to thank God for your being here on this earth. Pray often, laugh long, and learn from your mistakes. This is for you Ashley. Thank you for being a girl many of us strive to be like. You were someon…

Save us?

Oh goodness how time flyyyyyys by. Today started my last homecoming week and I am quite sad. As my friends and I prepared for the dress days this past weekend I couldn't help but think what a crazy ride these last 3 years have been. I have changed so much and I have learned so much about myself. I put on my toga this morning and I couldn't help but smile. My last week of dressing up crazy. My last week of counting endless napkins for the napkin contest. My last week of Nerd Day and the infamous theme day. My last week as a senior during homecoming. Oh how I'll miss the crying girls who are beyond stressed (but beyond thankful I am not one of them this year). I'll miss the laughter of seeing everyone all dressed. I am sitting here preparing for Nerd Day. It's kind of like preparing for my last days as a kid..