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Reality Check.

I think back to a time when I was living on 20 dollars a week. It was before I started driving and I thought I had the world wrapped around my finger, heck, I was like 15. Then I started driving which meant FREEDOM..kinda. My fun was based on a 11 O'Clock cerfew, and I was NEVER late. I still had hard days but I was young and had no since of reality.. I find a small job to get me through the summer by cleaning and organizing the house of a lovely woman who happened to have a lot of stuff. My money has now turned into actual money that has to be kept in the bank. I spend the remainder of the summer filling out job applications. Over the years I've developed a dream to attend BYU my Junior year of college. One day I wake up and it's like BAM right in my face. I have grown up over the course of a summer. My dreams of attending BYU are EXPENSIVE and unless I want to be paying off college loans the rest of my life I need to find steady money and quick. Of course my parents say they will help, but I'm quite independent and will want to help pay also. I have realized that even though I don't feel like I should be starting college in less than a year, I will be. Instead of buying a cute quote book or a entertaining book at a Mormon bookstore, I reached for a book called "MAKING DECISIONS: A GUIDE TO YOUR COLLEGE CAREER" (which I have to admit has been very helpful). I will be working 7 hours tomorrow for the first time in my life for a lady who needs help packing her stuff to move to Tampa. I am scared that maybe my "Reality Check" has come a little too quickly..


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For me, it’s usually night when all the feels start hitting and I get all sorts of nostalgic. August brings so many challenges for me in many ways. Once August hits it means summer is finally coming to an end and even though I’m usually ready to go back to work, the stress starts to creep in. Going into my 4th year seems bizarre. I don’t feel as if I’m a seasoned teacher, but since I’m not worried about the first day of school I think that says something. August also is the month where 5 years ago I took a big risk and moved to Utah. I left the comfort of my sweet southern home and stepped out on my own. Since 5 years seems like an eternity and a second all at the same time, I decided to write down the 5 most important things that have happened to me since I moved here.
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