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Mean it truly, sincere heart.

When given the question "What inspires me," my mind started racing because in this mess of the world I find inspiration in the most simple things. It's the simplicity of holding a brand new baby girl. It's the feeling I feel when I'm wearing a adorable outfit or a new pair of shoes. It's dancing in the rain just to make life seem just a little bit better, for even a moment. It's the one song that comes on the radio or from your iPod that makes you just want to dance. It's the song that captures the deepest feelings in your heart. I can't imagine a day without laughter and I surely cannot think of anything more inspiring that a warm smile from someone you love. It's the way my heart races every day on the way to the mailbox to see if there is a letter in there for me. I just love each moment I am blessed with.

MY first day of being a senior was one I would like to forget. It was foggy at the senior breakfast which made my hair a big fluffy MESS.…

Reality Check.

I think back to a time when I was living on 20 dollars a week. It was before I started driving and I thought I had the world wrapped around my finger, heck, I was like 15. Then I started driving which meant FREEDOM..kinda. My fun was based on a 11 O'Clockcerfew, and I was NEVER late. I still had hard days but I was young and had no since of reality.. I find a small job to get me through the summer by cleaning and organizing the house of a lovely woman who happened to have a lot of stuff. My money has now turned into actual money that has to be kept in the bank. I spend the remainder of the summer filling out job applications. Over the years I've developed a dream to attend BYU my Junior year of college. One day I wake up and it's like BAM right in my face. I have grown up over the course of a summer. My dreams of attending BYU are EXPENSIVE and unless I want to be paying off college loans the rest of my life I need to find steady money and quick. Of course my parents say t…

The things I have learned-Summer 2010

Summer is coming to an end more quickly than I'd like it to. As I look back I realize this summer, along with most of my summers, I have grown in more ways than one. Here are just a few:
1. At the bottom of the mountain the journey to the top does not look like a challenge. During the journey to the top you find muscles that you never knew you had. At the top the journey was worth all the work it took to get to the top. The view is worth every step and the sense of accomplishment is pretty great, too.2. Family is forever. Such a lovely time I had spending almost a month with some amazing family. I spent some quality time with my grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. 3. Friends are a blessing. I love my church friends and my school friends all the same. Each brings such a joy to my life and I know I can always count on them for laughter and comfort.4. Going to lunch with a friend makes my day. It is so nice to go to lunch with a friend and just TALK! I am a girl and boy do I lov…