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Utah, my heart is yours, almost.

Oh how I loveeeee my Utah summer trips. They are filled with adventure, laughter, family, tears, hurt, comfort, and most of all it's full of LIFE. It's my home away from home. I love the quiet days with sunny afternoons. I love the ability to read a good book outside without getting sticky from the humidity. I love my cousins sense of hope. We are three girls who are struggling in our own ways and when we're together it's like a puzzle who has reached it's potential. I love my Rachel's STRENGTH, I love my Carly's HOPE. I love my grandparents and their simple life. I love this place, but I do miss home. Florida has half of my heart, and it most likely always will. My mother needs me, and quite frankly I need her. This is my time to take time for ME, and to understand myself in ways I can't back home. (: