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Coming Together

What is a leader? Is it just the ability to lead, or is there more? I have asked myself this question a lot lately, and then I have asked myself if I have been the leader I should, and could be? Does one single person have the ability to change the world? I think YES! I attended FASC this past weekend(google it if you don't know what that it is). In a nutshell, it was a leadership conference I went to with 20 other students from my High School. This trip taught me a lot about being a leader, and that I can change the world. Growing as a SGA was my favorite part about the entire weekend. We had a few challenging times, but like great people we over came the trials. We have started a bond that is going to be so helpful for the rest of the year, and hopefully for next year. A person who strives to be the best person that they can is a winner in my eyes. I love all my SGA friends. They make me want to be a better person, and I love them all. (:

Meaning of Friendship

So, Have you ever met someone who just gives new meaning to a word? I have. My friend Jenna has shown me, and many other people the true meaning of being a friend. As you can tell in the picture, we are in the hospital. Jenna's best friend Tanya had a ruptured appendix and bowel. She's been having complications, making her be in the hospital for a lot longer than expected. Tanya and Jenna were supposed to go to their senior prom together last night. Because Tanya is still in the hospital, that night couldn't be possible. Jenna, planned a night Tanya, nor myself, will ever forget. She asked a few friends from church to help her surprise Tanya with a Hospital Prom. At 8 O' Clock, we met in the lobby and went up to Tanya's room, and surprised her with a prom. A lovely mother made Tanya a hospital gown prom dress, and she looked amazing, even though the dress was not the original one she had picked out for prom. Walking into the room, and seeing Tanya's face light…

Blah Blah Blah

I come writing this post, with nothing on my agenda. I have nothing, or no topic which I want to write about today. Normally I could talk about life, or love, or what it means to be happy, but tonight, I write, whatever comes to my head. As a kid growing up I longed for a life where everything was simple, and nothing was complicated. As I grow older, I am realizing that words like "simple" just don't exist. Each day, every single person on the earth is faced with something that could cause them to shake every belief, every hope, and every dream they had. I don't know every single person on this earth, nor will I ever. I always try to look for the best in people, even if it's the hardest thing I've ever done. I trust people, too easily sometimes. I want to treat people the way I want to be treated in return. Some may call me a dreamer, and I know I think way to much, but how can any person sit and watch the sun go down, and not be a dreamer? The other day, I f…

17 Years and Counting

17 years ago, I was born. April 4, 1993. It was a rainy day, so i'm told, and I was 6 pounds something ounces. I was born to a mother, a father, and a older brother. I grew up fast, but I physically stopped growing height-wise in the 8th grade. Ever since i've been 5'2, shoe size of 7, ring size of 7, and a weight of my own knowing. In 17 years I've been blessed with a younger brother. In 17 years I have had numerous colds, have been numerously cold, and have sweated in the heat of Florida during the summer. In 17 years I have learned many lessons. I love lost friends, I have gained friends. In 17 years I have learned what it really means to be a friend, and what it means to have a friend. In 17 years I have loved many people whom I have met, and I have been hurt by those that mean the most to me. In 17 years I have attended school, started college, and spend many hours studying things that I cannot remember today. In 17 more years I'll be 34. In 17 more years I…