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Simple? I think NOT.

I'm normally not a angry person, nor do I get mad easily. In the midst of all this, I do seem to get disappointed quite often. For all of you people who might be reading this, I'm almost positive that you will relate to the things I'm about to say. People are CRUEL. People these days do not seem to care about anything but themselves. If you've had a bad week, it's almost guaranteed no one will care. I'm sorry for those people who put depressing things as their Facebook statuses, people may pretend to care, but I don't think they do. Okay, so I know this might come across as harsh, and I promise that I am fine, it just blows my mind how silly some people can be. I love my life 80% percent of the time. I'm not perfect, not always happy, not always the best friend or sister I could be, but that's okay because being perfect was not my purpose in life. My purpose in life this week was to remember who is always there. Someone who WILL always be here, fore…


This is my beautiful cousin Lindsay. I "took" this picture from one of my aunts friends albums on Facebook. This picture reminds me, and should remind us all, how to be fearless. At a young age, we learn to fear things. Fear is a learned trait, not something we are born with. Each day, we all face something that causes us to want to run. We fear life, and we fear whatever is going on. We may fear a upcoming test, a important decision, losing something, or anything for that matter.
Fear can control your life, but only if you let it. Fear can be healthy sometimes, but only in some aspects. I think sometimes fear is the thing that makes us crazy. Do we choose to fear life, or to take it as it comes?

Three Days, Two Years

In three days, you can cram for a exam. In three days, you can drive halfway across the United States. In three days, you can get a decent summer tan. In three days, you can have a fight with a friend, and makeup. In three days, you have almost gotten through half of a week. In three days, you can teach your dog a new trick. In three days, you can change a life. In three days, someone can change yours.

In two years, you can receive a college diploma. In two years, you can train for, and run a marathon. In two years, you can reach a goal. In two years, you can serve a full time mission. In two years, I'll have graduated from High School. In two years, I'll be finishing up my AA at the community college. In two years, I'll start applying for a University. In two years, I might have a better idea on what I want to do in life. In two years, I'll be making my own money. In two years, my weight will have changed. In two years, life will be different.

This week has been crazy, …

Life is what you make it

There is beauty in an endless road, hope in a lifeless flower, and desire in the heart of the beholder. Some say life's a journey, but is it really? Life is a challenge. There are obstacles, mind games, life lines, and even the backup that will be there no matter what. No one can predict tomorrows moments of pure happiness, or someones selfless charity. People may judge your future on how you've behaved in the past, but is that really fair? Everyone has their moments of weakness, moments where the sky seems to be falling down upon them. Do we predict the fall, or see the lesson that will be learned? Everyone, everything, makes mistakes, and those are the start of the challenge of life. Then there are the obstacles that will try to prevent you from the lesson, and mind games are to follow. You will battle between heart and mind to try and distinguish how you want to proceed. After you have made your choice, there comes the life line. It's the voice in your head that tells y…

What's meant to be will all work out.

I haven't been living very long, but I have lived long enough to know that everything in the end will be alright. I have a strong enough faith to know this. I feel like sometimes Satan is working his way slowly into my life, and I will NOT stand it. There comes a point in everyones life where they reach a place where they have to decide who and what they are going to be. You have agency, therefore you can choose which road you want to go down. Both of the roads have their ups, and their downs. Both may change you for the better, or worse. You may not know which road is right, but I think deep down, you always know. No one is the same. We each have our own individuality which makes no two peoples roads the same. The road that is best for me, may not be the road that is best for you. If you make a mistake, there are ways to get yourself back on that right path. Everything that is meant to be will all work out. If you open your heart to God and let him have full control, everything w…


So Oscar Meyer turned my smile upside-down when I finally discovered how to spell BOLOGNA. Excuse me all you crazy people who decided to make BOLOGNA sound like a country, and not a odd piece of meat. I dislike this creepy meat, if you could even call it that. I randomly decided that today was going to be a good day, and GUESS WHAT!? It was(I know, I fooled you :o)! Mondays normally put me in a terrible mood, but today was different when I discovered that it was actually Tuesday. No I did not change the days of the week, I simply realized that I have no school on Friday thanks to those dear men who fought the battle of Olustee. So instead of celebrating our Presidents by not attending school on Monday, we in good ole Lake City celebrate a battle between people in Blue and Grey outfits. YAY! It's One Tree Hill time, so enjoy the rest of your Monday, and my Tuesday (:

These are a few of my Favorite Things

Well a lot has happened (kind of) since my last post. But that is not what today's post is about! I realized on this lovely Sunday some odd things that just so happen to be my favorite. So here we go.
1. I loved Church this Sunday. The funny thing is, I should always love church on Sundays. Anyone can tell you, no matter what religion, there are just some Sundays that are much more amazing than others. Today, was one of those days. The main meeting was beautiful, and all of my classes seemed to have more meaning to me. I played piano today, and I did well. I get really nervous most of the times I have to play. My legs will be shaking, and my hands will cramp up really bad, but I somehow always manage to make it through. I love going to church, because there I am surrounded by people that I know for a FACT will ALWAYS love me, no matter what.
2. The CrockPot is a fantastic thing. I love coming home on Sundays to that sweet aroma of a nice roast that is almost cooked to perfection. M…

Haven't Met You Yet (:

Michael Buble is my all-time feel good music. Whenever life throws me down, this joyful voice lifts the most inner parts of my soul. In simpler terms, I love his music. My favorite of the week is "Haven't met you yet." Mom got me addicted to this song, and I knew it was all over with once I purchased it off iTunes. I now am constantly listening to anything by Michael Buble. Today was a grand day. I love days that just seem to always make me smile. I can't say anything bad happened today, what a blessing! I hope everyone had a great day also. As someone once told me, no matter what, at the end of the day, it's always a good day. You are alive, hopefully healthy, and you are blessed to know the most amazing people ever. Sounds perfect right? Well, it is (:

Writers Block

So I blame me having not much to share with you today on the joyful phrase called WRITERS BLOCK. I am now posting blog number 16, and today just wasn't eventful enough to inspire me. I'm currently fighting a massive cold that is taking a lot out of me. I might have taken to much cold medicine on accident this morning. I believe this for quite a few reasons.
1. I needed gas. So i get moms debit card, drive to the gas station, and realize that I did not grab her debit card, I grabbed her Blockbuster card. Oh heavens.
2. I was quite loopy all day, and tended to talk, A LOT. I am sorry all my dear friends. I shall try to be better tomorrow.
3. I came home from school, and slept FOR THREE HOURS. That is so not common for me to sleep that long. Lets all pray I can sleep tonight.

So there are some things you can sit back and giggle about. It's OK, I do not mind being laughed at today.

Blame it on the Changes

Today I had a few minutes in one of my classes to just take a break. I decided to be different and actually write down my blog post for today. So here I am, in the middle of Psychology, writing down my thoughts. Have you ever wondered how your life would be if you lived somewhere else? What about if you WERE someone else? My name could be something other than Shelby. My phone number, my address, my parents, my siblings, my friends, would all be so..different. Would life still be simple, or is life never really simple in the first place? So many questions, not many answers. You start off each day with the sound of an alarm. You drive the same way to the same places, once you get there you walk the same way to your destination. You see the same people, the same seats, the same lights, the same dry-erase board. Then, one day you get to that same ordinary place and realize that something is different, something has changed. Does this change scare, or excite you? Everyone has to deal with …