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Whoa Wednesday

Today was a sadly simple day, but wonderful none the less. It seems like now that I'm blogging everyday I find things throughout the day that I want to talk about. Today's topic shall be a few of my favorite things that I noticed I loved about life today.

1. Speaking Shelby-Spanish. Which consists of: lets talk-o about life-o. Great, I know (:

2. Saying that i was going to come home today and do WiiFit, but ended up making brownies that are cooking at this very moment.

3. My little Finn, whom I call Finnegan. He is our family dog, and I only tend to like him on certain days, like today. I went outside and found him jumping up and down. Who could resist his cuteness? Not me. (see picture-this was about a year ago)

4. My "grandma" shoes. Most of you probably know them as Keds, but mine are from Target, therefore they are called my "grandma" shoes.

5. Laughing with my very favorite people at school. Honestly, I think I would be failing without them.

As you can see, not much happened today. Which is perfectly okay with me. OH! i forgot to thank dear old Shakespeare for the all-so-wonderful Hamlet which I had to start reading for college. Hamlet was very complex, and so far all I've gotten out of this play was a bunch of guys talking to a ghost. FANTASTIC!


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