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Dear My "Prince Charming"

Dear My "Prince Charming,"
I know I'm young, currently the sweet age of 16, but I have words for you. I don't know when you'll be entering my life, or if you already have. I don't know your name, your favorite color, your shoe size, or even what kind of hair you have. I do know, that when I find you, you will be everything I need, and everything I don't need. You'll win my heart, but it's not going to be a easy task. I've lived long enough to know that wearing my heart on my sleeve gets me nowhere, therefore, I will not be a easy girl to win over. I would love to hope that you will always love me forever, because forever is a long time, and I'm not the easiest person to be with. I would hope that as the years go on, and our children grow up, that we will still find things we love about each other. After all, that is the key to staying in love. Finding something you love about them each day, that is. I know times won't always be perfect,…

Facing Up

Facing up to things in life are sometimes the hardest. Facing up to being rude, to being sad, to being angry, gets harder each time. The older I get, the worse I get at facing up. I run way far away from everything and anything, and that, is a major flaw of mine. Today I stayed home from school, and took a day for myself. This day consisted of sleeping in, cleaning, and laughing my butt of while watching Friends. I went to church tonight, pretty much in my pajamas, and no makeup. We played human Battleship, and I loved every minute of it. On the way home Dylan and I laughed at the fact that manure and perfume do not mix well together(some people had fertilized their fields and it smelled way bad so we tried to cover up the smell with perfume). I feel bad for myself sometimes, but then I am reminded that things could be much worse. My aunt had a link to a blog on her blog, and I opened it, read it, and now I read it everyday. This strong and courageous woman named Stephanie and her hus…

Before: Boys, Makeup, Drivers License, and Hair Dye

Before all those wonderful things, life was simpler. It was crazy still, but still simpler. Everyday before I could drive myself, mom would drive me home. When we got home I would go to the couch in the front room and sleep until dinner was ready. Those were the start of my napping habit, that I never want to break. Today, when mom and Dylan got home, Dylan crawled up on that same couch, and slept until dinner. It reminded me of when I used to do the same thing. It's crazy to me how much different life is now. From 13 to almost 17 years napping is my best friend, and I love it. (:


I've been trying lately to think of important things I want to blog about. If you know me, you know my mind is never on one subject for long. This causes me to have things I want to blog about, and then forget them. Here are the few things I have remembered.

The world is full of magic, you just have to believe in it. Make a wish and place it deep within your heart. Believe in it, hope for it, want it, and maybe one day you'll receive the thing you've been wishing for. Hearts break, hearts heal, and hearts love all around the world. One love, one hope, one faith, one joy, keeps us believing. Torn and shattered, broken and lost, the damage that has been done is now scarred on the most inner place in your heart. Forgiveness in others and in yourself is so hard to do, but even still, easy to believe in. You may reach that day where you start to question your faith and your desire to love. NEVER lose the desire to love, even when it seems impossible. Let your character, spirit, …

When It Rains, It Pours

Goodbye Freezing Cold, Hello Humidity and Rain.

Today, the second flood occurred. Florida weather is crazy, and always seems to take my hair by surprise. It rained today, no, it POURED. I did not know that it was supposed to rain today, so I wore a adorable white dress with some cute flats. Our school has hardly any windows(I blame all my issues on this) so needless to say, I had no idea it was raining. Then our principal comes on the intercom and tells us that the weather was bad, and to be careful. I didn't believe him until I walked outside on my way to college. I stepped outside under the shelter, and was soaked within 5 seconds. The rain was not coming down, it was going sideways. Katherine, Haley, and I decided to say "no" to college, and walked back inside. Fate was on our side because when we walked back in, the principal came back on the intercom and said for everyone to stay inside. YAY! So I stayed at the school until about 3:20. I normally get out at one. I di…

P.S-i love you

I could watch the movie P.S. I love you one billion times and still find something different that I loved about it. To me, it's the most depressing love story ever, but somehow always the love story that I'm in need of. For some, life comes easy. For others(like myself), life always tends to throw me that nasty curve ball that I can never hit. I decided yesterday to just take some time for myself, and to forget the world for awhile. I put up the cell phone, and forced myself not to get on Facebook(as much). During this short few hours, I realized many things about myself, and about my life. So here they are for you!
1. Sometimes everyone needs a break. I hardly ever allow time for myself, because I always feel selfish when I do. Yesterday I realized that it IS okay for me to just have some "Shelby" time every once and a while.
2. Marshmallow Fluff has never tasted as good as it did yesterday. Yes, some of you might find this stuff icky, but I sure do love it in small p…

Beautiful in simple terms

Today was quite a stunning day in Florida with its calm winds and sunny skys. The air was crisp for the most part, so I would call today a good day in weather terms. I spent most of my day with the mother. She woke me up bright and early due to her jamming out in the kitchen, so i wasn't the happiest person. We went into town, got a few things, hit taco bell, and then headed home. I watched Message In A Bottle while mom baked, and after the movie was over I wished that i hadn't watched it.

Gravity keeps pulling me Down

Some days I wish I could fly into space, and see the world in a whole new perspective.
I wish I could see the Atlantic in all its glory, see all the places I would never get to see in one day, in one small moment. How simple would life be when you could simply look, and know without a doubt that the thing you think you want, is the thing you've needed all along? It would be way to easy. I feel that the laughter and joy I find when I surround myself with good people, is worth all the money in the world. Seeing someones face light up with a smile, reassures me of all the greatness that can be found in life. Divine is the one who lets the heart speak louder than the mind, right? I think so. It's hard to choose between the hope in your heart, and the deductive reasoning of your mind. I guess it depends on the situation, and the thing or person you're dealing with. You are only as happy as you allow yourself to be, and you're only as hopeful, as grateful, as believing, as lo…

One more brownie pretty please?

What a day.
It was very eventful, but mostly stressful. I am so thankful mom comes home tomorrow, because I don't know if I'd last another day. It like one of those days where life is going good, you're all in a great mood, then one bad thing happens. Then another bad thing happens, then another. Needless to say I'm not in the best mood, but am determined to make the rest of my night better. I'm not going to get into all the details, for I don't want to be Downer Shelby. ON THE BRIGHT SIDE! Tomorrow is Friday! I feel like starting Monday, I live for Friday. I have to take each day, one minute at a time or else I lose myself in the chaos. I am off to de-stress myself by doing some Yoga, and then off to my daily bath. (:

Whoa Wednesday

Today was a sadly simple day, but wonderful none the less. It seems like now that I'm blogging everyday I find things throughout the day that I want to talk about. Today's topic shall be a few of my favorite things that I noticed I loved about life today.
1. Speaking Shelby-Spanish. Which consists of: lets talk-o about life-o. Great, I know (:
2. Saying that i was going to come home today and do WiiFit, but ended up making brownies that are cooking at this very moment.
3. My little Finn, whom I call Finnegan. He is our family dog, and I only tend to like him on certain days, like today. I went outside and found him jumping up and down. Who could resist his cuteness? Not me. (see picture-this was about a year ago)
4. My "grandma" shoes. Most of you probably know them as Keds, but mine are from Target, therefore they are called my "grandma" shoes.
5. Laughing with my very favorite people at school. Honestly, I think I would be failing without them.

As you can see, …

Just in the nick of time.

If any of you really know me, you know that I'm a freak when it comes to time. I consider myself late if I'm not at least five minutes early. Well lately I think time has been trying to make me even more crazy than I already am. Today it was my day to drive to college (I car pull with one of my friends) and we both know that I'm a very careful driver and am against going over 5 miles the speed limit. We leave the school late, but luckily we made it in time. After college I went back to school to kill time before I had to pick up Dylan. I wasn't paying attention to the clock, and was almost late again. Lucky for me Dylan's bus was late today, making me not late either. YAY! Next I'm at home getting ready for the Junior Class Parent meeting that I am in charge of, and I started falling behind on all the things I needed to get done for my meeting. I leave the house really late this time, and because I don't speed, I was late to my own meeting. Once again someo…


Last night a very dear friend of mine gave me some advice on how she is always happy, and her words made sense. She said "I never want to be unhappy, so it's like I just make sure I don't ever let myself actually get upset by things that are trivial. If there is a good reason to ever get mad or sad then sure I will, but it is short lived and a rare thing." So all day I have been pondering happiness and it's true meaning. There is no one definition for happiness because different things make different people happy. So how do you remember to be happy, even in times of hardship and trial? There are many answers, but for me, happiness is in the small things: Bubble baths, a good book, clear night with a amazing view of the stars, laughter, friends, family, the list goes on and on. Sometimes people(myself included), tend to forget the good things about life when bad things come around. We are human, and this is normal. I think the true challenge is in being the source…

Good Ole Sundays

So usually my Sundays consist of the same things: church, lunch, nap, dinner, and homework. Today was not the same, and it has made me crazy. So to start off my lovely Sunday, we only had church for a hour. Some of you may know why, but for others here is the explaination. While our beautiful building is being built, we go to church in 3 metal buildings. Only one of these has decent insulation. Since Florida has decided to become Antartica, it was quite cold, causing us to only have one hour of church and not three. Lunch was wonderful, and was quite normal considering the rest of my day. After lunch I walk back into the kitchen and find my mother humming a lady gaga song. I never understood her amazingness fully until today. So then comes naptime. Oh how I LOVE naptime on Sundays. So I go lay down and start watching tv, and I couldn't sleep. GREAT. Then finally after about 2 hours I fall asleep, and wake up ten minutes later. Just dandy. I was not a happy person to say the least.…

Starting Something New in 2010!

Hello Everyone!

I thought that this year I would try something new and keep up a blog. This will consist of many

things from all my adventures as Junior Class President, exciting things that happen during each day, family times, my general thoughts, and simply everything about ME! So to start off this blogging fun, I will tell you a few things that I learned so far this year:

1. Patience is quite difficult, even more so with my closest friends and family. This is something I need to work on more diligently, and hopefully my success will be easy-coming and simple(even though we all know this will not be).

2. Hide-and-Go Seek still is fun, even for teenagers. I don't care who you are, if you can't enjoy this childish game you are CRAZY!

3. Faith keeps us all alive. Having faith in anything from God to love, makes each day worth living. What is there to hope for when you don't have faith in things?

4. Algebra is not meant for me. I try and I try to understand, but it gets me every …